Wednesday , December 8 2021

Tokyo Bakery Hits High Profit Selling ‘Boob Bread’ (Video)

This might sound bizarre but you won’t believe the high level of sales being recorded by the bakery for this ‘creativity’.

A bakery in Tokya, called Kuppel came up with a weird idea of creating breast-shaped bread buns.

Guess what; the seemingly voluptuous bread reportedly became an instant hit with the people around that area.

The baker claims that he doesn’t use milk and eggs to bake the bread since many children these days are allergic to these ingredients.

He says that he’s been selling the bread for over six years now and it is a bestseller.

The bakery has a lot of other breads too, but people specially come there for the boob bread. The owner says that his secret to making the bread look and feel ‘invitingly’ soft is to bake the bread for just the right amount of time so that it maintains its texture.

The baker says that the bread sells like hot cakes, but he sells around 45 of the special one with strawberry every day.

This is not the first bizarre bread concept in the world. Legay Choc Boulangerie, a popular bakery in Paris, sells penis-shaped baguettes, which is also a fast-selling bread choice for consumers in that area..

(With reports from India Today)

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