Friday , March 24 2023

Throwback! Unforgettable Horrific Video Of Moments Family Exploded In A Car After Allowing Kids Use Mobile Phone In Gas Station

If you’ve not watched this unbelievable video warning people against using cell phones in gas stations then you MUST do so now.

A man and his wife let their kids play video game in the car while at the gas station and what happened next will shock you.

The car exploded and the explosion blew the man away. The whole family exploded in horror If you can watch this horrific video you should do so now. Find out why it is not advisable to use handset in the gas or filling station as it is called in some countries.

This is a simple warning almost everyone is aware of; “Never use mobile phone at gas station.” Calling, receiving calls or texting is prohibited at gas stations. According to the video, in this case, the wife and husband let their children use the phone at the gas station. This caused the deadly explosion captured on CCTV at the gas station. After the explosion, the fire flared, the car exploded, the man dropped to the ground.
Cell phones can turn into flames and cause unforeseen fires in places of high risk such as gas stations. People who accidentally or deliberately ignore safety regulations when using a cell phone can accidentally injure themselves or others.
Though this particular incident happened several months ago it still sounds a fresh warning to those who haven’t watched it. You don’t know who will be saved after seeing this shockingly video.

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