Tuesday , January 31 2023

#ThrowBack! See Champions of NAMCOS Football Tournament in 2011; Now Variously Playing for BEERcelona FC, BEERrussia Dortmund, STOUTampton FC and PALM WINEcity FC

These guys were very skillful in 2011 as a result of which they dribbled their way through to the championship gold medal. That was when Mass Comm department of COOU had very strong teams in all four classes. We believed that after school  at least six of them will go ahead to play for very strong European teams.

Well we won’t say they disappointed us. Three of them now play for BEERcelona FC in Spain while about two of them play for BEERrussia Dortmund in Germany, One plays for STOUTampton FC in ENgland while another one that was bought from a team in Anambra North now holds midfield for PALM WIINEcity FC in England. Still a good idea.

(Meanwhile if you are here to search for the list of those who have potbelly among them, please ask Wishy. He is with the comprehensive copy).

Sweet memories.

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  1. Casmir Obiakor ONWA

    Hahaha, real footballers those days, now real men…

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