Tuesday , October 3 2023

#ThrowBack: Project Defence 2010; Do You Recognize Any of these Cute People?

This was the class that graduated in 2010. They had one course rep called Uwadiegwu, easily one the very hard working course reps the department has come across. But that class had some wacky guys and babes o! Well we have some photographs they took while getting ready for their project defence. We decided to share some of those fine memories here.


This young man used to be one of the finest footballers in the entire University then. That was why they called him Ballack that time o…. I don’t know what potbelly has done to him today. Ballack if you claim you don’t have potbelly today as we have heard, prove it by sending your 2017 picture to massmediang.com
What were they planning outside the defence venue against that fair Barrister that taught them?
Please is it true that these two cute guys now have serious potbelly?



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  1. they can’t have potbelly now unless they are married

  2. Hmmmmm, interesting

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