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The Now Media! What Does This Concept Refer To?

Among the major categories of the mass media are the print and electronic media. While the print media consist of newspapers, magazines and books, the electronic media include the broadcast media and the internet channels. The concept “The Now Media” is used to reflect how technology has impacted on mass communication. So which mass media category is referred to as “The Now Media” and how has advancement in technology expanded the Now Media Landscape? Let’s briefly discuss that.What do we understand by “The Now Media?”
The concept of the Now Media is used to refer to the broadcast media. Radio and television particularly are known as the now media because they emphasize immediacy. The broadcast media report events as they happen; they carry breaking news, report live events and bring you into the scene of an event as it is happening. That is why they are called the immediacy media or the Now Media.
But you need to understand that technology has expanded the range of media we can refer to as the now media. Remember that the broadcast media were first referred to as the Now media while differentiating them with the print media. Before now, the print media such as newspapers and magazines did not report events while they happened. These media published the story the next day or after a week depending on the frequency of publication.
But today technology has redefined mass media channels. It is no longer only radio and television that report events while they are happening. Any channel that has online platform is also the Now Media because with the online platform you can break news as it is happening. Today, the social media, and other online newspapers, magazines, and news platforms are all part of the Now Media. Why?
If anything happens now, you will find it in the online edition of Punch, Thisday, Daily Sun, Nation, or Vanguard. Don’t forget that these are all traditional print media in Nigeria which were initially not able to break news while it happened. They could only report what happened today the next day, except for even newspapers which report a story that happened in the morning some hours later in the evening. Today, every serious newspaper has an online platform and they all break news. Newspapers now carry breaking news online. They even report events live as they happen. They also have audio/visual content. So the Now Media landscape has expanded to include all electronic media and electronic editions of print media.  The broadcast media were first called the now media because the sense of immediacy influenced news coverage, from what is reported to how it is reported, including the language used in reporting it (the tenses, verbs and presentation style). Check various online news platforms today, the sense of immediacy is also reflected everywhere.

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