Saturday , September 23 2023

The Most Expensive Comb In The World Costs N3 Million

Before you freak out you need to know that this is not just an ordinary comb. You do not see this spectacular comb everywhere and what it does to the hair cannot be the same as what an ordinary comb does to the hair. With Tomas Veres comb, you are not just combing your hair, you are branding your hair in a classy way. At $9,500 (about N3,420,000), Tomas Veres Pantheon comb is surely the most expensive comb in the world. Note that it is made of 14k solid pink gold and sterling silver.

This brand of combs is made by a Slovakian company named Tomas Veres. The company has created a limited edition of luxury combs using precious metals such as rose gold, yellow gold and sterling silver. The unbelievably expensive combs are hand-made in Italy by experienced jewelers, and come in ostrich leather pouches, also made in Italy.

The Tomas Veres Pantheon comb collection features minimalist 130mm by 35mm combs made of various materials. Prices start at €1,100 ($1,180) for sterling silver and rhodium plated combs, and suddenly jump all the way to €9000 ($9,700) for the yellow and pink gold versions.

So you see, the comb is truly not ordinary. It is surely an invaluable collection for anyone who dares to have it.

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