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The Brave Now in the Grave! Shocking Video of Man Crushed To Death While Taking Selfie With Elephant (In Case You Missed This)

A herd of elephants (Pix credit: cREUTERS/Anuwar Hazarika TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

This happened weeks ago but the video is still shocking. If you missed it you can take a look and find out why certain kinds of bravery are unnecessary.

A man who was brave enough to get close to a huge elephant to take selfies ended up in the grave as he was crushed to death by the elephant.

The 30-year-old man was trampled to death by an elephant at the Bannerghatta Biological Park on Tuesday, after he and his friends sneaked into the park to take selfies with the elephant.

The New Indian Express reports that Tuesday is a holiday for the park, but Abhilash and his friends sneaked in and started taking selfies with Sundar the elephant.

 The newspaper reported that two of the friends stayed near their bikes to drink alcohol, the other two began taking photos with Sundar.

A senior official at of the park told Bangalore Mirror, “He parked his bike near the Hakki-Pikki Colony located behind the BBP safari area and sneaked into the park illegally along with a couple of his friends. As he was reportedly clicking selfies in front the elephant named Sundar, it had attacked him and trampled him to death.”

The New Indian Express reports that he Abhilash was the only son of a Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus conductor, and was working with a company in Bangalore’s Koramangala.

The man’s parents have identified his body and the bike that was parked at Hakki-Pikki Colony.




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