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The Beautiful Secrets of Independence Park Arochukwu (Video)

Independence park Arochukwu

You may have heard of the beautiful tourist sights in Arochukwu, Abia State Nigeria but what you may not know is that there is historic spot in that town called Independence Park. It is not just the usual recreation park you always see. There is something very special about this place and this should be one of the reasons you should visit Arochukwu town as a tourist.

Independence park Arochukwu


Independence park Arochukwu

Alavan Ikoku

Alavan Ikoku

Alavan Ikoku


Abia State College of Education Arochukwu

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  1. Arochukwu is my neighbouring LGA. I’m glad someone is finally showing the world all of these tourist attractions there. The State government needs to harness the numerous tourism potentials in that place. It should start by building the roads that lead to Aro. There is s much more we need to see: there are still the relics of the Anglo-Aro war in 1901
    Rural news should also do a feature on the various Aro outposts/settlements across Nigeria. The Aro people spread and settle at various parts of the country, and retained their name and heritage. Today, we have the Aro Ajatakiri: In Ikwuano, Umuahia, Abia State
    Aro Achara: In Ama-asa, Isiala Ngwa, Abia State.
    Aro Umu Nkpe: In Isiala Ngwa, Abia State.
    Aro Nbawsi: In Isiala Ngwa, Abia State.
    Aro Omoba: In Isiala Ngwa, Abia State.
    Aro Okporoenyi: In Ikwuano area of Abia State.
    Aro Iyama: In Ikwuano, area of Abia State.
    Aro Amuru: In Ikwuano, area of Abia State.
    Aro Ndizuogu: Ideato area of Imo State (The biggest of all the settlements).
    Aro Ndi Ikerionwu: In Anambra State.
    Aro Ajalli: In Anambra State.
    Aro Nzerem: In Ebonyi State.
    Aro Amokwe: In Udi area of Enugu State.
    Aro Isuochi: In Abia State.
    Aro Isiokpo/Igwurita Ikwerre area in Rivers State.
    Aro Abagana: In Anambra State.
    Aro Oru: In Imo State.
    Aro Nempi: In Imo State
    Aro Ngwa: In Abia State.
    Aro Ezeagu: In Enugu State.
    Aro Achi: In Enugu State.
    Aro Oboro Ite
    Aro Kalabari: In Rivers State.
    Aro Opobo: In Rivers State.
    Aro Uturu: In Abia State
    Aro Anwu Anwu: Eziukwu Durunnihe in Umudurunna ABBA Nwangele LGA Imo State
    Aro Okija (Ndi Ezennia Awa Okoro Orji): Anambra State
    Aro Egbuoma in [oguta] area of Imo state
    Aro Abba, Nwangele,Imo state
    Aro Ekwulobia
    Aro Awa,Oguta,Imo state

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