Tuesday , October 4 2022

The 79 Steps Wonder in Arochukwu (Video)

79 steps Arochukwu

It is called 79 Steps and it slopes down to a flowing stream. This is one of the tourist destinations in Arochukwu and it lies in the middle of nature, making it a wonderful sight to behold.

Reports have it that this was part of a water project which the British colonialists wanted to execute in Arochukwu but they did not finish it. The place had existed for many years after the exit of the British but Arochukwu people never new until recent times when it was discovered by a group of tourists. Well, it is now a wonderful place to be whenever you want to enjoy the serenity of nature.


79 steps Arochukwu

79 steps Arochukwu


79 steps Arochukwu



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