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The 6th European Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2019 In Brighton! Nigerian Communication Scholars Should See This

This is a good opportunity to share experiences with communication scholars across the world. Scholars in communication and related disciplines should read this. There is enough time to get ready for the conference.

The 6th European Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2019
Conference Theme: “Reclaiming the Future”
July 12–13, 2019 | The Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront, Brighton, UK
We live in a period characterised by rises in regionalism, nationalism and authoritarianism; a time of great global uncertainty and anxiety, as well as inequality and iniquity which both reflects and drives political divide, and undermines international systems of cooperation. Clashes of identities, beliefs and ideologies are evident in academia, media and the arts, contributing to a feeling that humanity is spiralling out of control; that our relationships with each other, as well as with the earth and environment, have never been worse.

Yet, as humans, we are not conditioned by fear alone, but instead by a remarkable ingenuity, and a capacity for hope, self-reflection, activism and action. This agency to improve our own lives, and those of others, is the theme of this international conference, inviting us to consider the ways in which we contextualise and process the past, reimagining ourselves, our relationships, and our environments; driving positive change and reclaiming the future as a time we look towards with hope, and even optimism.

The European Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2019 (EuroMedia2019) will be held alongside The European Conference on Arts & Humanities 2019 (ECAH2019). Registration for either conference will allow delegates to attend sessions in the other.
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