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Terrifying Video Shows Smaller Kingsnake Swallowing Bigger Rattle Snake

This hair-raising video shows the moment a smaller snake fed on a bigger snake in an unbelievable manner.

The video was captured by a man in Georgia, US, who recently came across a snake eating another, larger snake while walking to collect his mail.

Tom Slagle, 80, spotted the kingsnake devouring a venomous timber rattlesnake.

The man who resides in Georgia managed to record footage of the event as it transpired.

The video shows the bottom half of the rattlesnake protruding from the kingsnake’s mouth. The clip was posted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), with the caption, “Kingsnake vs. Timber Rattlesnake: It’s a snake-eat snake world out there.”

The video shows the kingsnake moving its jaws around the rattlesnake body, swallowing it whole.

From the video it could be seen that the rattlesnake being consumed appears of a heavier girth than the kingsnake. In the caption, Georgia DNR said, “If the snake being eaten is longer than the kingsnake, it will get folded before being swallowed.”

While one user wrote, “Looks like the rattlesnake had just finished his meal when the king got him,” another said, “And that’s exactly why you don’t kill the good snakes!! Thanks for sharing. That’s amazing.” “It’s amazing that they can swallow something so huge,” added third.

Watch video below;

Speaking to Newsweek, a DNR spokesperson informed that a kingsnake’s diet normally consists of rabbits, rodents, amphibians, turtle eggs, lizards and other snakes. He said that kingsnakes are renowned for their ability to overcome and eat venomous snakes, such as the timber rattlesnake – as seen in the video above.

The spokesperson added that kingsnakes are not venomous and they kill their prey with constriction.

According to Newsweek, the spokesperson explained that kingsnakes are able to capture venomous species by striking, and grasping the prey by its head. The snake wraps itself around its prey and constricts, before swallowing it whole and headfirst.


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