Terrifying Video Shows Family Jumping Out Of Car As It Rolls Down Cliff

A terrifying video shows the moment a family scrambled to get out of their vehicle as it rolled off the edge of a cliff in China. According to Daily Mail, the family had pulled up their car at Xinjiang’s Duku Highway to enjoy some scenic views when the vehicle began to roll towards the edge of the cliff. The place where they parked their car is reportedly a popular tourist spot overlooking a valley.

Footage of the incident shows the driver had stepped out of the car to sip a drink when it began to move forward. The panicked man was filmed shouting as he tried to stop the car from rolling forward. Two members of the family managed to exit the vehicle – young boy managed to get out of the back seat, followed by an older woman. However, another woman in the front seat was unable to take her seat belt off to exit the vehicle, reports The Sun. Her co-passengers were forced to watch in horror as she plunged off the cliff inside the out-of-control vehicle.

The woman trapped in the car luckily managed to survive the plunge but suffered hip injuries, according to the Hejing County Emergency Management Bureau.

It is not clear what set the car moving in the first place, although shocked viewers on social media speculated that it could be anything from a failed handbrake to a snapped cable.


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