Friday , August 19 2022

Terrifying experiment shows how quickly Coronavirus can spread in restaurants within minutes (Shocking Video)


A Japanese TV channel, NHK, has conducted a stunning experiment showing how quickly Coronavirus can spread in restaurants and other communal facilities within minutes.

In the viral video below, one of the ten participants that took part in the terrifying experiment was ‘infected’ with fluorescent paint, meant to represent Covid-19. As they began to enjoy a buffet for 30 minutes, a ‘blue light was then turned on, revealing how far the ‘virus’ had spread among themselves.

The ‘virus’ spread from the communal items to the hands of all the participants, while three had the paint on their faces. The ‘infected’ man even had the paint on his clothes and around his mouth, stressing the importance of handwashing amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The experiment was done so as to highlight how many people got infected with Coronavirus.

Japan have reported 16,079 cases of coronavirus and 687 deaths, according to the country’s ministry of health.

Watch the video below.

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