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Terrible! Woman Threatens to Kill Air Hostess on Egypt Flight After Drinking Lager, Vodka, Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s and nearly all of a bottle of gin

A woman who took a bit of several strong drinks and misbehaved on board a flight has landed in court but found mercy before the judge.

The mother of two who behaved like a ‘wild bull’ on board a flight to Egypt following a duty-free drinking binge walked free from court today.

Charity worker Bernadette Briggs, 39, launched a booze-fuelled attack upon terrified cabin crew and passengers as the Thomas Cook flight from Manchester was about to start its decent from 20,000 feet,reports DailyMail.

Briggs, from St Helens, Merseyside, suddenly stood up from her seat and ‘went berserk’, swearing and shouting after staff had asked passengers to return to their seats.

Briggs, pictured, had drunk lager, vodka, whiskey and gin before boarding the flight from Manchester to Egypt

When air stewardess Madison Preece asked her to sit down, a she shouted ‘f*** off’ and when told she was putting other passengers at risk she added: ‘I’ll rip your f****** head off’.

She then punched Miss Preece on her shoulder and began swinging her arms.

A passenger tried to intervene but Briggs scratched him and then tried to bite the captain as he restrained her.

Egyptian Police called to the scene after the aircraft landed discovered an almost empty bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin under her seat which she had bought shortly before the six hour flight.

The court heard Briggs began shouting and swearing at cabin crew after passengers were asked to return to their seats

She was taken to an Egyptian hospital and psychiatrists said she ‘suffered a psychotic episode’ on board.

It emerged she had consumed two pints of lager, vodka and whiskey, Jack Daniels and coke plus three quarters of the bottle of Bombay Sapphire.

She was later banned from flying back with Thomas Cook and had to find an alternative route back to Manchester.

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At Manchester Crown Court she admitted assault by beating, using threatening behaviour and being drunk on an aircraft and was handed with a suspended jail sentence after she told the court she was the ‘primary carer’ for her 19-year old autistic daughter.

(Daily Mail)

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