Saturday , May 28 2022

Terrible! Some Viewing Centers Look Like Shrines in Evil Forest!

The 2017/2018 Football season in Europe has just kicked off and fans have started moving in droves to viewing centers to watch these games. But what baffles many Nigerians is why some viewing center owners do not care about the welfare of their customers. They are only interested in collecting the fee for each game, in most cases, no good ventilation, interior and exterior environment are inhuman, yet fans manage these venues. Some viewing centers look like goat houses, some like poultry houses while others are located in places that look like evil forest. Most viewing center owners use abandoned or uncompleted buildings and corners only fit for Indian hemp smokers and misfits, as viewing centers. This is unbelievably callous!

Some people have asked whether it is the N50 and N100 paid per match that will be used to make the viewing centers befitting. Those who say this are ignorant of the fact that one fan spends close to N15,000 to N20,000 at the end of each season after watching weekend and mid week games. This may seem small but when multiplied by the number of fans that watch a match in one viewing center, it is clear that these football lovers deserve more.

Don’t you think so?

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  1. Hahaha, this place even looks good a little, I saw one in nnobi, beside a refuse dump and men are happyly paying 100 naira just to enter and watch ball. Very stinky environment with mosquitoes biting them up and down there. Nawa o

  2. Okonkwo Chidimma .P. Genevieve

    Ulasi Okija shrine, ndi football

  3. Habah Nigerian people. The thing be say disease no dey kill black man according to some people

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