Sunday , October 1 2023

Terrible! Primary School Pupil Loses Teeth After Teacher Pushed Him Down From Desk

A primary school teacher is currently in trouble after he pushed one of the pupils in his class off a desk and the child fell to the ground losing his teeth.

The incident was reported by a Facebook user who wrote that the teacher abandoned the boy in the class without calling for first aid and the boys was in pains until the school dismissed.

The child got home and his parents stormed the school to report the matter. The teacher has been suspended.

The Facebook user identified as Eze Doreen, berated the teacher who allegedly injured a 4-year-old pupil. The Facebook user was angry that the incident which led to the boy losing his teeth, the teacher never bothered to notify his parents or the school authorities in order to administer first aid to him.

It was gathered that the young boy was reportedly left in pains till he went home with the injury. The two teachers handling the boy’s class have now been suspended by the school authorities.


Doreen narrated the full story and wrote;



“Some teacher are extremely wicked, heartless but money conscious. This kid of 4 years was pushed down by his teacher from a desk by 11:00am yesterday she never cared to call the child’s parents nor report to the school authority for at least, the child to be given a first aid, she left the child in pains and went home.

“The child was in pain till 4:00pm when his mother came to pick him and his elder siblings.

“What do you think should be the punishment for such a wicked teacher?”


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