Terrible! Implants Burst Out of Woman’s Nose Following a Failed Plastic Surgery (Photos)

A woman was left with a silicone implant protruding out of her skin between her eyes after a botched nose job.

The patient, from the city of Hat Yai in southern Thailand, had the implant inserted into her nose to give it a more prominent shape.

But after the op she suffered from several infections and inflammation around the area where the implant was.

Shockingly the implant pierced through the skin between her eyes and began protruding out of her nose.

The woman, who did not want to be named, claims she went back to the clinic and asked them to correct the damage but they refused to help her.

Desperate for help the woman sought help at a cosmetic surgery hospital in Bangkok where she received free treatment.

Doctors removed the implant and treated the infection.

But she has been left with a crater in her nose where the silicone implant used to be.

She is still waiting for medics to decide the best way to repair her botched nose job.

The woman shared her worrying experience on social media and the pictures have since gone viral, with many cosmetic surgery centres sharing her story in a bid to warn other women of the dangers of cheap cosmetic surgery.

Silicone implants are a form of cosmetic surgery designed to change the shape of a person’s face, cheeks or nose by using a specially shaped piece of silicone.

Unlike in other procedures, silicone implants do not require a surgeon to cut away and cartilage or bone – they are designed as a quicker, easier way to achieve the same effect.

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However there are some concerns about chemicals like silicone being used in patient’s faces.

Some surgeons have raised concerns that implants do not become incorporated into the surrounding bone and tissue, instead they sit under the skin which makes them more prone to moving.

Leading cosmetic surgeons have also raised concerns about the use of cosmetic fillers injected into the face to plump it up.

Dermal fillers are injections used to fill out wrinkles and to plump up the volume of the lips and cheeks.


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  1. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Good for her. At least this will serve as a warning to others

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