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Tenant in pain as caretaker attempts to pluck off genitals

A female caretaker, Judy Rweso, has been charged to court for allegedly attempting to pull and pluck off a tenant’s genitals at Zimmerman area of Nairobi, Kenya.

Rweso was accused of assault and tampering with the organs of Boniface Waweru on March 10, leaving him in much pain and anguish.

It is reported that Waweru woke up late on that fateful day and went to brush his teeth at a communal sink within his Zimmerman residence.

After some time, Judy passed by casting aspersions on him.

Apparently, the accused had mistaken him for another tenant who had in the night knocked on her door several times asking that she opened up.

According to Kenya Pulse, one of the neighbours who witnessed the incident called for a reconciliation meeting in the evening to address the issue between the two after Judy denied insulting Waweru.

“During the meeting, the accused was not happy after being dressed down by tenants for insulting an innocent man. She then jumped on Waweru, grabbed his genitals and squeezed it hard in an attempt to pluck it off, leaving the man in much pain.

“When he attempted to shield himself by placing his hands between him and the assailant, the accused bit his hand, inflicting deep teeth cuts in the right finger,” the court chat reads.

Enraged members of the public wanted to lynch Judy but she fled to safety as Waweru was helped to book the matter with the police.

Judy was later traced to her hideout and brought before Nairobi’s Makadara Law courts.

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She objected to pleading to the charge, saying that she had been in police custody for five days without appearing in court, contrary to the constitution.

The court ordered the officer investigating the matter to be in court to shed light on her allegations.

The matter will be mentioned on April 19.


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  1. Ndubuisi Miracle Queen

    I believe strongly that she is mentally I’ll and needs medical attention.

  2. that caretaker is heartless…

  3. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    She acted like an animal.
    She could have gotten a grip of herself and avoid this drama.

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