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Ten easy ways to know your husband is a Yahoo boy

The Fascination to gain easy and fast wealth among the Nigerian youths today have Subjected young Men to engage in internet fraud (Yahoo yahoo) a scheme of deceit to extort money from wealthy  people. Young girls are blinded with the desire to ‘Slay’ and look the part, that they associate themselves with young rich men without the knowledge of how the money is gotten.  Desperate to get money, wear the latest clothes, hair, bags, etc,  they are lured into marriage with these internet fraudsters popularly known as “Yahoo guys”.

Here are Ten ways  to know your husband is a yahoo boy.

1) When he is always engrossed with his Laptop especially at Night: when your husband is always working on his laptop especially at night, and barely notice you are awake, tells you that he is into online business but yet he still provides you with a lot of money and buy you expensive things. it could be a sign that he is a Yahoo boy.


2) When he is extravagant: Yes some people can be extravagant but a yahoo boy is much more extravagant. They spend money anyhow, buy expensive houses, throw parties all the time, change their wardrobe all the time, it could mean that he is a yahoo boy.  A person who gets his money genuinely and works hard to make ends meet will not spend any how because he/she laboured for it.  When your husband dines in luxurious hotels and never care about the bills. He is always buying you gifts spending money in clubs and sometimes they throw money on the street in a bid to show off.


3) No specific office: Another way to know your husband is a yahoo boy is when he has no office he reports to everyday and when he has no business he is involved in. Each time you inquire about it, he comes up with a story and sometimes avoid the subject and sometimes they shun you. Some of these guys are educated and sometimes they are not but they are con artists and always know the right things to say to you.


4) Is he always secretive with his mobile phones and laptop?  While many women see this as a sign that their husband is cheating, that may not be the case. It could be that your husband is a yahoo boy and acts that way to hide from you. Spouses having access to each other phones, laptops and social media accounts is an assurance needed as far as trust is concerned in marriage. So when your husband is always hiding his laptop and phone from you, he might not be cheating but he could be a yahoo guy.


5) Sudden wealth: when you have been  married to  your husband and suddenly he gets rich without no clue or explanation of how he suddenly got his money. One minute you are struggling financially and the next minute he gets money all of a sudden. He didn’t win a lottery, he didn’t engage in any lucrative business and the money just came. He could be a Yahoo guy.


6) Circle of friends: When you notice that your husband hangs with the wrong crowd. They have a clique, they behave similarly, when they are extravagant, always partying and buying expensive things, dine in expensive restaurants with no business or job to justify the source of their wealth. This could be a sign that hubby is a yahoo boy.


7) When they are always talking about the Western Union Transfer, money gram and exchange rate:  Yahoo guys are majorly concerned with the exchange rate, western union and money gram. Yahoo guys know all the exchange rates and they always talk about it, even when they are with family or friends. They are always aware of what is going on with the exchange market and they always have contact with ‘Mallam’.


8) His life on social media: Yahoo boys love to show off not only in real life and in the environment where they live, but also on social media. Their post is always about cars and houses they acquired, expensive clothes, gold chains,  shoes and expensive wine. Be sure to check a man’s social media page before you say ‘I do’ and if you are already married, check his social media lifestyle to be sure he is not a yahoo boy.


9)  When he has the “spend money” mentality:  Is he living a fast life?, Fast money?, Fast cars, Fast drink? etc, he could be a Yahoo guy. They are not concerned about tomorrow  and they vow to die than go broke. They always want to drink, spend money, drive cars, party and live with no care in the world. If you notice these things about your husband, then he might be a Yahoo boy.


10) They are professional Liars: Yahoo boys can be very smart and calculative. They try their best to make people see that they are hardworking Boys. They always have an excuse to spend money and lying comes easy to them. Ask about how they got rich and you will be amazed at the kind of stories you will get as answers. This is a sign to know your husband is a yahoo guy.

By Teniola Egbuwalo

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