Talented mechanic builds upside-down car with 4 tyres, doors and body parts reversed (Video)

A talented mechanic identified as Rick Sullivan has wowed people after he developed a car that is upside down.

It was gathered that the truck functions as a regular car, only that it has somebody parts in weird places.

The vehicle has the standard four wheels utilized on the road and an additional four in reversed positions. Four extra wheels strangely roll like they are in touch with the street.

Aside from the additional four wheels, the vehicle has its doors and plate number upside-down.

Speaking about how he developed the upside-down car, Rick revealed that it took him six months to build the car.

The man also revealed that he does not plan on putting it up for sale.

Since Ridiculous Rides shared a video of the man driving the weird whip on the road, he has turned into an attraction as commuters stopped their cars to stare at him and record him.

Watch below;


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