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Feature Writing Syllabus for Nigerian Universities

COURSE COMPACT Faculty: Communication and Media Studies  Department: Journalism & Media Studies Course Code: MAC 201                                         Unit(s): 2               Semester: First Course Title: Feature Writing Lecturer:                                                       Programme: B.Sc.    (A). BRIEF OVERVIEW OF COURSE This course is designed to train students to have an in-depth understanding of feature article …

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Syllabus for Journalism & Media Studies Courses: Critical and Review Writing (CMS 202)

With the unbundling of Mass Communication programme in Nigeria, the face of communication education in the country has changed. The programme has transited into a full college/faculty while individual courses have adapted to the change. While several new courses now exist in the seven new departments, some of the courses …

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Curriculum for Film & Multimedia Studies Degree Programme in Nigerian Universities

The Film and Multimedia Studies programme introduces students to artistic and academic approaches to films and new media. It also provides opportunity for students to make their own films, analyze films from aesthetic, political, social and historical perspectives, and employ their media skills in the contexts of industry, creative production …

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