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Traditional Media Economics: Simple Explanation (Video)

One of the most interesting areas in communication studies is the study of indigenous communication channels. These are also called traditional media.They  are culture specific channels of communication common among people in a given society. They are also known as native media and indigenous communication channels. They are people-oriented, folk-driven communication channels. They include instruments […]

Media commodities in Nigeria

  Media economics is a term used to refer to business transactions and financial activities of the organizations producing and selling products in the media industry. Every profit-inclined company offers a product to the public in exchange for value. A commodity or product is an offer made to actual and potential customers in exchange for […]

What is media economics?

Media economics is concerned with the relationship between the mass media and the economic environment, especially how changing economic forces and policies determine the choices of managers, practitioners and other decision-makers across the media. In simple terms, media economics is about how the media make money and how they manage material and human resources to […]