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Who Is A Foreign Correspondent?

Foreign correspondents are journalists or commentators based in a foreign country. The primary role of these journalists is to gather and analyze events of international importance, and write news stories for their organisations – newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. A foreign news correspondent is a journalist responsible for gathering and reporting news from another […]

Irony! The World Marks Day To End Impunity Of Crimes Against Journalists In A Society ‘Designed’ To Dislike The Press

The title of this article summarizes the irony reflected by the event. The United Nations (UN) set aside November 2, every year as a day dedicated to raising awareness on the need to end impunity of crimes against journalists. But when you look at cases of brutality and harassment against journalists, including hate speech capable […]

Why Does Journalism Have A Gender Problem?

Journalism is one of the professions with obvious gender imbalance. The profession has more men than women though in journalism and communication education schools you have more female enrollment. What are the basic reasons why more men end up practicing the journalism profession while women who graduated from journalism schools foray into other professions? Some […]

Immersive journalism: The future of reporting or an ethical minefield?

Evolving communication technology continues to redefine the practice of news gathering and dissemination. As communication technology continues to evolve, journalism has been taken to a new high with the emergence of the concept of Immersive Journalism. The may sound strange to a lot of Nigerians but this practice is gradually being recognised in the Western […]