Tag: Artificial intelligence

Expert Considers ‘Google BRAIN’ chip which could mean future school pupils won’t need to memorise facts

In the nearest future, school pupils would no longer need to memorize facts because they will have google implant in their brains which would do all the data storage for them. The “Google brain” implants will answer all their questions instantly, an artificial intelligence expert has claimed, reports Mirror UK. Nikolas Kairinos, founder and chief […]

VaakEye! Artificial Intelligence Software That Can Catch Shoplifters Even Before They Steal (Video)

A Japanese tech startup claims to have developed an artificial intelligence software that analyzes surveillance camera footage in order to detect suspicious behaviour and prevent shoplifting before it actually happens. The software called VaakEye is an unbelievable new feat in security technology. VaakEye first made news headlines back in December 2018 when it picked up […]

Will Human Newscasters Disappear One Day? China Unveils First Artificial Intelligence News Anchor (Video)

This story should interest every broadcast media person. Does it mean that one day we might have television houses without human beings reading the news and possibly presenting programmes? Do you think that is even possible with the way China is going with tech-based news presentation? Check this story out. The Chinese Government-controlled Xinhua News […]