Thursday , November 23 2023

SUG Rag Day: Comfortable “Beggars” Invade Anambra

Written by Vanessa Igboanugo

The on-going Students Union Week in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) is adopting rag-tag colours today with a lot of students appearing in rags. Today is Rag Day and a number of students are participating in the event. The streets of major cities in Anambra State and its environs are streaming with people dressed in rags and abnormally strange wears. We are pleading with the state government agency responsible for grabbing mad people and sending them to mental people’s homes to suspend work today in order not to grab sane people in insane clothing. The event is really colourful.

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  1. chikaogwu Chioma

    lol… some people are really abnormal.. thanks for a day like this so that they can show off their real sanity

  2. *laughs* what a crazy day

  3. hehehehe you call them “beggars” lol!!.

  4. They should enjoy their day… cos it only come once in 4 years… Any other day is counterfeit….

  5. lol….comfortable beggars!!!!! lmao. ANSU ROCKS

  6. Is really wonderful. M enjoying the rag day and students week.

  7. Ubabuko Chiamaka

    This is really getting out of hand I pray they won’t be caught thinking they are mad………. Buh is fun, #maddnessinmaking

  8. Like seriously some madness are inbuilt and follow come ooo but all d same Coou Rocks. Nice ones guys

  9. nwangene. onyema

    laughing out loud# this is really funny… great fun. 2015054001

  10. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    it’s very funny, students were allowed to wear rags and showcase themselves begs money in the streets hahaha!. but I can’t try it ooo!

  11. A beg I no mad oooh….cos some evil people for my village Don dey plan to make me mad since , so today na their opportunity… rag day on point. Spiritual madness

  12. chiobi Chidimma A

    yea,this is really crazy and at the same time to have fun as well because before mad people are few on the way but today is a madness remembered day…

  13. Nwachukwu Nkiruka

    Lols, what a great craziness day at Coou

  14. Men, I love this day. A day like this, is something you will remember after your school days.

  15. What a funny Caption “comfortable beggars” least u can say in every human dere is a drop of madness whether real or not.Nice one

  16. Lol the madness no be for here

  17. Ezeh vivian chinaecherem


    Student of anambra state university,dress in rag attire to mark her rag day on march26th 2017.
    Anambra state university student were all dress on rag attire,because rag day is all about dressing abnormal,just to extract money from was a memorable one because students moves from one place to another,some went to awka some went to Onitsha requesting for money.
    Am happy,because i was able to make some money as i walk from one shop to another,some students even dance along the road displaying some strange character like that of a man mad.
    eye witness said that,she saw students jumping around because there were able to make alot of money,some were even unhappy because there didn’t make much money as their expected.
    In an interview with one of the student who participated said that,she is very happy because she made alot of money which she counted and find out it was up to 1000#.she also said that she was able to meet her brother,who never recorginsed her because of the paint she used on her face but also gave her money and passed.
    According to gloria 100level student mass.communication was happy and wish that today never pass,because of the money she made and also an opportunity for her to know places like awka,obosi,onitsha and mainmarket.
    reg no:2016054122
    quiz no:08

  18. Wow!… it’s fun ragging

    Students of anambra state university held its rag day during SUG WEEK on 26th April 2017.It was really a memorable and exciting one.
    Students were seen dressed in rags and moving from one lodge to another asking for money. some went to the extent of sweeping one’s shop for money, while some went to the main market at onitsha.
    Eyes witness said that, some students went as far as dancing on the road side for the sake of money, while some were showing some type of characters like the way mad people behave
    According to Amarachi, the rag day was a memorable and exciting one
    Ginika Gloria
    group 6

  20. ihejirika nmesoma

    it was fun

  21. Nnaemena Blessing

    Lols…this is really fun seeing a lot of students dressed in a tarterd cloths

  22. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Lolz happy beggars day

  23. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    crazy and colorful indeed

  24. udorji ozioma yvonne

    can’t stop laughing

  25. umeofor chizaram

    Lolzz,this is so crazy and hilarious.nice one tho

  26. 2015054109 quiz no. 20

    it was really colourful, students of chukwuemeka odumegwu ojukwu university made today money bank day.
    what a funny capture unforgettable day even after school.
    it is never a madness just a way of making money.

  27. Muotolum victoria

    no be small madness

  28. Yes is really mad but madness with reason. It was fun watching them today.

  29. we should be careful oo you know all this village people has been looking for a way to visit you with madness, think twice before you hit the road. but still fun shaa #coouragday#
    Daniel orackwelu.

  30. it’s fun, even though it’s looks somehow crazy

  31. make you people bring my own share

  32. it the happiest day for student carry go
    group 12
    quiz no 13

  33. Alex divine Chidinma

    Dia rags fit them o
    Madness don join dia names

  34. That is a joy of been in University, but some people over do it

  35. Raraoooo hmnm nice outfit.. Ansu students

  36. Chukwurah Uzoamaka

    lol…Comfortable beggars


    lol What a day

    Students of Anambra State University (ANSU), today April 26th, stormed the city of Anambra State on rags. They splitted themselves into different areas like Onitsha main market, Eke Awka, Asaba and other various places.
    In an interview with Comrade Henry Bible Unogu, it was gathered that the rag day procession involves stickers which are sold at the rate of #200, “any student who doesnot buy the sticker won’t be allowed to join the parade” he stated.
    In another interview with a 200 level student of Law Kenechukwu Miracle, it was gathered that the Comrade did not care about the finance of the students, “how can he ask us to pay #200 for a mere sticker when we don’t know if we will get up to that amount in the parade” she said.
    She added that irrespective of the amount placed on the sticker, it won’t stop me from going for the procession and having fun.

    Name: Obi Joy Chisom
    Reg no: 2016054050
    Quiz no: 89
    Group no: 6

  39. Nwankwor oluebube Agatha

    Am so happy today seeing our students in different abnormal attire,even the so called big girls are even ragging.

  40. Buruche progress

    Lolzzzzzzz ”comfortable beggars” tru talk dey are very comfortable feeling begging is dat ryt…… Quiz no:2

  41. Anyadubalu Somto.c.

    Funny though, Ansu rocks. It was really funny.

  42. Anyadubalu Somto.c. (4)

    It was really fun.

  43. Alagbogu chinazom

    Rag day indeed#coou students on the move to catch money by means of begging……the nature of our country’s economy these day has made our students dressed tattaredly and obviously looking like lunatics#very bad.

  44. Eze priscillia obianuju

    lol…really had fun today ANSU Sug week rocks

  45. Coou rocks rag day
    The student union government of chukwu Emeka odomegwu ojukwu unuversity on wednesday 26, held her rag day for its students as part of her SUG week.
    In an interview, with chidmna okeke, it was observed that they went to the market but what they expected was given to them.” I was given #50 to share with two of my friends how is that possible”.
    According to miss okeke,” becauae we are on rag cloths we can easily beat you up, then you will reduce the amount of stickers from #200 to #50″ Miss okeke threaten. It was garhered that the student union image maker Herny Bible unogu increased the money from # 20 to #200 as the students protested alittle money was decreased from the actual amount to #50 then back to #100 after all the protest of the students.
    Quiz number 68 Reg number 2016054042

  46. Mechanics are mistaken for madmen…comfortable madness…lol
    Anyways,it’s fun…

  47. Nwobu Chidimma E

    *Coou Students Week “Rag -Day”*
    *Rag*-Day, as it is Fondly called and cherished in our tertiary institutions of learning is a day set aside by the social planners and organisers of institutions which entails students dressing like mad personalities in rags and roaming the street for the purpose of making money
    Currently, this week the Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University *(COOU*) had her students week, Today being Wednesday 26 2017 the Student Union Government *(SUG*) also organized and fixed a date for d Students Rag-day.
    Just as around 8:45am , we noticed that in major inter-city roads and streets , which were literally overtaken by students.The Students go on shorts , with tops and trousers turned , the young Nigerians approach motorists stocked in traffic as well as passers-by politely and will ask them for money. This action is been done inside the state capital and busy areas near and far from the school premises. I was informed that most of the students who are. “Ragging” are Undergraduates, majority of which were one hundred level students.
    In most schools in Nigeria Wednesday’s was always used to fixed the Rag-day date, approaching one of the students Sindy said” Seriously I’m an undergraduate and you know we normally use this students week to fly around do one thing or the other because we’ve got needs to meet and this seems to be one of the best method so far, sindy” went on to say that they (the students) have to rag atleast to make some cool money.when approached a Student , male who gave his name as Frank Okafor, said they have to do this since “some parents and guidance hardly give them pocket money during holiday periods so they have to use this “Ragging and make some money , he went on to say that he enjoyed the day and any student that didn’t take part had missed alot.

    Nwobu Chidimma E.
    Quiz no:75
    Group 5

  48. Lol.. I can even see my picture there too.. this is serious, it was really fun

  49. This is madness but fun madness. If you never do your own you better go do am now no carry over for this one ooo

  50. it was a really great day with a lot of fun and cash too

  51. Abeg if una dey mad take it easy so that your next quiz no go wear em own rag cloth… Ansu rocks

  52. Nwadike onyinye (28)

    It was really a fun madness

  53. Nwabugwu Sandra ijeoma

    I wore my rags but couldn’t go out…I was just so shy
    I couldn’t believe I was intentionally going mad

  54. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    Rag day comes with its own spiritual implications. Those village people who are looking for people to invade with madness, so please be careful before you hit the streets. but was colourful,. Some mad men/women on d streets at list saw there companions for the day,at list not only them have madness, COOU also has.

  55. Victoria Anikor

    ahahaha very funny

  56. Rag day is indeed a fun day and it is just so amazingly surprising how you see lots of people humble their self just to participate in it. (1)

  57. Okonkwo chukwu nonso (Q3) 2016045090

    What a crazy day, thank God the school give them a day like these to show their madness they have be hid for a very long time though it is very fun

  58. Lol, students can sure display there talents
    Quiz number :18
    Reg number :2016054049
    Group number :15 A

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