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Strange! This Couple Love Church They Wedded in So Much That They Bought It

This may sound awkward but that is the extent love for something can take you.

A couple in the United Kingdom, Anne and Bill Monroe, so loved the church that they got married in that they eventually ended up buying it.

Certain places are special. Maybe it is your childhood home, the store or business where you worked your first job or the church where you were married.

These sacred places become part of the experience and our most cherished memories.

This is exactly how Anne and Bill Monroe felt about St. Luke’s Church in Kielder National Park in the UK. Not only were they married there in 1987, but their four sons were also christened at St. Luke’s, as was Anne! Clearly the family had a lifetime affinity with this beautiful old church.

And when the couple had the chance to purchase the church in 1998, they jumped at the opportunity and have since transformed it into a charming holiday home.

Anne and Bill spent over £200,000 restoring and converting the historic 19th century Georgian church, which has become hugely popular with tourists. Now named Greystead Old Church, it features four bedrooms, original stained glass, intricate stonework, and a sitting room formed from the church alter.

Greystead is located in the heart of North Tyne Valley, just yards from the North Tyne River and only a few miles from Kielder Water. Guests can stay at the distinctive property for between £400 and £1900 depending on duration.

What a lovely way to preserve and share precious family memories.

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