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Strange Swag! Cattle to Have ID Card in India

Cool calf with swag. Who knows whether this one also has ATM card (Pix credit: Thequint)

This may sound strange but please believe this story. The Indian government is making plans to provide a 12 digit unique identification numbers for cows and buffaloes in the country to prevent their trafficking. This story actually broke a couple of weeks ago but its uniqueness makes it very fresh.

Chinese news agency, Xinhua, reported that the information was submitted by the federal government in the country’s top court, which was hearing a petition by an organisation alleging rampant smuggling of cattle across the border of Bangladesh.

According to an official, “Solicitor general Ranjit Kumar told Supreme Court Monday that in order to tackle the illegal smuggling of cows and other cattle, it’s (gov’t) had accepted the recommendation of an expert group to provide a unique identification number (UIN) for each one.”

“It may be made mandatory for cows and their progeny throughout India,” the official quoted solicitor general as saying, adding that “each animal will be tagged proper records of identification details – age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body colour, horn type, tail switch and special marks.”

This plan is in line with India’s huge national identity scheme project, which requires that biometric identity card be made available to its citizens.  also reported that the plan was to keep track of cattle so that they can be vaccinated on time and also adopt technological means to increase breeding, milk production, and to double the income of dairy farmers by 2022. According to reports, will trained technicians affix a polyurethanetag in the ears of cows with a tag applicator. The tag which is tamper-proof cannot be pulled out by tugging and it is long lasting. After fixing the tag, the technician will update the number in an online database and further provide the cattle owner with an ‘animal health card’ containing information such as the Unique Identification (UID) number, owner’s details, vaccination dates of the animals, among others.

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This is really interesting o! So if a herds man attacks a village and runs away leaving his cattle behind, it means he can be traced through the ID card of his cattle.

So you have heard it; cows to have ID card in India! Do you think this could help us in this country to solve the problem of illegal cattle grazing on people’s farms if we adopt it in this country? Once you see any cow close your lodge you ask it “Omo where you dey go?” Imagine where you get to an office for national identity card registration and you are standing on the line with cows. E go be fun o! Wetin you feel? Should our own government consider this plan?

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  1. Nneka precious udekwe S1

    Nawa oh the Indian government will still provide identification numbers for chickens too

  2. umeh blessing Chinelo S2

    This Indian government are jobless

  3. cow and identification number. haha let’s see how it works

  4. have they finish caring for humans now is animals. is good shaa

  5. Cows again with ID anyways am not surprised,anything can happen but will the strategy work?
    quiz no158

  6. Ezeolisah justin

    This is hilarious… S12

  7. Is not realy necessary for our government to adopt such method in our country because its only the northerners that can understand and live with them not like indians that all most all the citizen understand and worship it.cow is very important to indians because it’s one of their god so they can do anything to protect it but not us(nigerians).

  8. Does will now have id. Na wah ooo .group 15 quiz no 11


    OMG this is serious oo, cow and identification Number, this Indian government are jobless oo
    Group 15
    Quiz no 16

  10. Ofodile Diana Uchechukwu 2015054043 quiz no 89

    This is hilarious

  11. Benjamin David (S5)

    This is serious..what is world turning into?…this generation is just funny…they create and act strange things…so am not worried.. (S5)

  12. Very funny!!!

    The India’s
    are always having something to come up wid.

    Cows with Id ???

    India’s will never change.

  13. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This is ridiculous,
    Giving cow an ID
    Una well done o

  14. this is outrageous, Id for animals??
    quiz no:94,group no:6

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