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Strange Award! Ojukwu University Students Receive Live Fowl, Catfish, Paw Paw and Yam Tubers as Prizes After Competition

Students of Department of Mass Communication, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) have received Agricultural products as prizes for emerging tops in a competition organized by their lecturer.

The students who emerged best in various categories were given live fowl, cat fish, paw paw and yam tubers, together with their certificates after they were selected as winners in the competition.

The competition was organized by their lecturer, Dr. Chinenye Nwabueze, together with and partners for 300 level students taken his course in Magazine and Newspaper management and production.

The competition which spanned three months had three categories – best student blogger, best in newspaper production, and best in magazine cover design. Every student in the class participated in the competition but the students thought it was simply a class work, not knowing that the results of the practical exercise will be given to external assessors to pick out the best.

At the end of the assessment, Judith Muoneke emerged Over-all best Student blogger because she was the most active among all bloggers. She received a live fowl and paw paw. Next was Immaculata Nweke who shared the first position with Judith, because she created the best blog ( Immaculata left with a live fowl and paw paw. Next was Onyinye Nwankwo who took the second position in this category, also received a live fowl. She was followed by Onyinye Emenajo who left with a catfish for taken the third position. Others who received consolation prizes of one yam tuber each, in this category are Bob-manuel Nnebulu, Chetachi Anwuka, Joseph Agu, Chikodiri Nnadozie, and Chiemena Alia.

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In the category of best in newspaper production, Ekpereamaka Chukwuanu and Mmesoma Obiejesi took the joint first position, each leaving with a live fowl and paw paw. The second position went to Immaculata Nweke who left with a Catfish. Immaculata was the only student to win two awards, as she had earlier shared the first position with Judith Muoneke in the Best Student Blogger category. Others who got consolation prizes of yam tuber in the best in newspaper production category are Chinazom Alagbogu, Chika Onuchukwu, and Marysylvia Okeke.

All the winners

In the category of Best Magazine Cover design, Progress Buruche emerged the best, leaving with a live fowl and paw, Ngozi Nwoka was the Ist runner up, leaving with a catfish, while Chinaza Ezenwobi, Mmesoma Okoye, and Chioma Chikaogwu, received consolation prizes of one yam tuber each, for being among the best five in this category.

Dr. Nwabueze said in an interview that it is always good to honour and celebrate students when they do something outstanding, adding that this will inspire others to work hard. On why Agricultural products such as live fowl, paw paw, catfish, and yam were used as prizes in an academic exercise, Nwabueze insisted that the best way for Nigeria to get serious with Agriculture is to ensure that every award is agricultural product. According to him; “If someone wins Miss Nigeria, instead of buying the person a car, give her a ‘mighty’ fish pond which can even fetch her 10 cars within a shot while if the business is well managed.”

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  1. Thumbs up for u Dr Nwabueze. The ministry is indeed moving.

  2. wow,fowl that’s lovely eating things on point.

  3. Wow this is really funny but acceptable within students, these lucky ones will happily make a pot of pepper soup with the rewards….
    GROUP: I

  4. Congrats to the students…..but the prizes are weird….
    Group i

  5. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Congratulations guys,but this is actually a strange award,students of Mass Communication been awarded with agricultural products is a kinda weird, they ought to be awarded according to their departmental standard awards…

  6. Of all the prizes they could give this students its agricultural produce they gave them hmmmm.

  7. This is really a strange award,hmmm.

  8. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    This is actually a weird award the winners are meant to be awarded by their lecturer using their departmental instincts

  9. Nice one,congrats to them

  10. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    I couldn’t help but laugh at first.Nice one though…Congrats to you all

    Group D

  11. This is good… congrats to them

  12. wow nice one at least this new strategy has opened the mind set of other people unlike giving out good gifts during price giving day it looks funny to other people’s mind set but sincerely it’s good…
    Group E

  13. Congrats to them,that’s how handwork pays

  14. This is really wonderful and we are meant to emulate them for best and success.
    Group A

  15. This is surprising but they are good prizes..
    group m

  16. this is really great and wonderful
    it pays to take our works Serious in any aspect of one’s life because we might not know the final out come. i knew most of their mates will now wish they had worked hard. All thanks to Dr Nwabueze you are greatly wonderful Sir.

    Group L

  17. Thank you sir for this priviledge. i really appreciate

  18. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Group c

  19. DEBORAH Nwankwo... 2016054130

    LOL…I think it’s a way of reminding the students that Agriculture still remains the most important source of living in Nigeria.. Silver n gold they have not…
    Group c

  20. indeed the award is seriously strange especially mr ansu with the live fowl and paw paw.

    group A

  21. hmm. o boy nobi small thing ooh.interesting

  22. Wow.Dats gud ,It will make students to work hard in anything they do
    Group G

  23. lol the award is really strange

    group f

  24. Really interesting! Sure this is one way to encourage
    agriculture In Nigeria.

    Group F.

  25. This is very nice indeed.
    I also wish to use this platform to specially thank our lecturer who by his generosity appreciated each an everyone of us.
    I pray that lord God Almighty will continue to increase you with grace and wisdom to continue with your good deeds and inspiring the students in achieving their dreams…
    Thank you so much sir.

    I appreciate you so much.

  26. good. Dr.Nwabueze you funny die, why agricultural product, this should rather be tag (gift) than this award, smiles,…happy for the winners.
    group C

  27. strange indeed;pretty cool though. the first of it’s kind,that’s history.
    group H

  28. congratulations to them for their outstanding performers

  29. These prizes are really funny. Congrats to them sha. Hardwork pays.

    Team: A

  30. chidume happiness c

    a nice concept towards agriculture.
    team D

  31. okonkwo chukwunonso

    This is a lovely prizes for the student’s they really done well .
    Group A

  32. Congratulations to them, this will make other students to take studies and assignments more serious. When given to them
    GROUP : M

  33. masscommunication is really doing great..congrats to the winners

  34. Not that bad

    Dr nwabueze has his own good point
    Agricultural product need to be seen

    Group G

  35. At least they won’t be hungry. Lol.
    Group C

  36. Group K
    This is really very funny…..

  37. Wawoo!!!I love that,God bless them for me,givers never lack.
    TEAM L

  38. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    Lolz! Strange indeed! Congrats to the winners and more grease to their elbows.

  39. Wow this is strange indeed, and hilarious well it good to start something new and different congrat my people

  40. That a good example for other lecturers to appreciate the effort of students I congratulate the students anyways
    Group E

  41. Nothing man pikin no fit see for this school ooo!!! maybe they want to advertise there products

    Group H

  42. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    congratulations to you all…This is quite encouraging.

  43. More grease to their elbows,well done.
    Team C

  44. Arubalueze Chinanu Peace

    This is hilarious. Farm products as prizes? But its good to think out of the box at times. Group K

  45. Amene chidera doris

    Wow this is nice.
    Congrats to them too.
    But this is really something else.
    Team H

  46. Okoye Mmessoma paschaline

    What a priviledge…..thank you sir I really appreciate……more wisdom I pray

  47. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    This is wonderful. Agri award. At list they will eat well in d next two weeks. all thanks to Dr.

    Group F

  48. Congratulations and more grace to you all. Kudos to you Dr Nwabueze.

  49. chinonyelum Ojiaku

    Well done my lecturer full of innovations. I will like to use the story in my paper as well. Keep it up and may d Good Lord continue to strengthen u and bless u as u impact ur knowledge without reservation to the younger ones

  50. Really strange… DR.can be funny… Nice one sir….

  51. Creativity is in the gene.

  52. Wonderful lecturer and his wonderful students. Keep it up. God is awesome.

  53. Casmir Obiakor ONWA

    This is d first time I’m hearing of giving Agricultural products for awards. Its indeed motivational. Keep it up Dr. NWABUEZE…God is your strength.


    Amazing! I believe this will encourage the students to keep working hard knowing there is a reward for hard work.

  55. very strange indeed
    Quiz no. 115

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