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Spiritual Yahoo! Nigerian Man Allegedly Rapes Lady Twice, Claims He is Under Grace and Did Not Enjoy it (Photos)

A Nigerian lady named Chukwu Esther has spoken out after she was allegedly  raped by a man named Nwanze Francis.

The victim who was raped twice reached out to a lady named Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba who shared the sad story on Facebook.


Good morning,

Three days ago, as I was about to sleep when I received a distress message from one Chukwu Esther Odinakachi that I should help her , she just got raped by one Nwanze Francis after their meeting at a bar in Eboyin state.

I tried getting more details from her but she was so broken she was bent on harming him in his sleep rather.

Throughout that night, I was awake with her till she went offline, He seized her phone when he woke up and saw she was chatting. Early hours of yesterday again, He repeated the rape and gave her #1000 for transport .

She said she wanted justice and because she might not be able to get legal justice, she opted to take law into her hands ,this which I tried so much to prevent and was successful

Then I took up the case yesterday after hearing from her , have her make a report at the civil defense office , rape department Ebonyin .

I got her password and her Facebook username and instigated a chat with Mr Francis, He seems to be a very very hard one to crack as he kept saying she didn’t sex her ,nor force her home, neither did he rape her. Like a rapist will admit? All effort to make him confess was abortive. And he began to threaten. And said;

” Never try to blackmail a Man under grace” .

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I called again yesterday and spoke like it was Esther, after denying not sexing her at all, he said ” Didn’t I give you #1000 after everything?? I have the recorded calls with me.

I was told by the Victim to bring this to the public while legal actions are being taken , I demand to know how Esther got to your house after the meeting Mr Francis, How you gave her #1000 after denying that you didn’t even see her yesterday and why you took advantage of her.

Thank You.

Cc Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba

PS : Attached, was our chat when she came to me on the 28th Of November 2017


From Kehinde Onaopemipo Adeola ‘s wall

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Thank you.

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