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Spiritual Yahoo! Goat with One Eye Worshipped by Villagers in India

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Well, if you do not believe in God you can check out the Assam village in India for something to worship and keep your ‘spiritual’ life working.

A goat with one large eye in the middle of its forehead was born in a village in Assam, India, on May 10. This is a rare birth defect known as cyclopia. reports that cyclopia is a severe form of a disorder called holoprosencephaly, which emerges during fetal development when the brain doesn’t divide into two distinct hemispheres. A fetus with cyclopia fails to develop two eye cavities, instead forming a single central eye cavity that can contain one oversize eye or two partially fused eyeballs.

This is what this goat is suffering from. But some residents of Assam village in India who believe that the goat is sacred, now think that they now have a major spiritual breakthrough and have taken to worshipping this goat o. The young goat has other defects which include only one complete ear, lacks a true nose, eyelids and eyelashes, and has jaws that are unusually small and missing teeth, causing the tongue to stick out on one side. reported a study which revealed that in humans, cyclopia affects an average of one in every 100,000 births. According to, in all species, those born with these severe defects typically don’t survive for long — the researchers of the 2015 study described the condition as “incompatible with life.”

In the case of the goat, veterinary doctors had thought that it will die within a few minutes but it defied all odds and has lived on. The village has also turned into tourism spot as people now troupe to that place to see the goat with a condition seen in other animals including horses, pigs, cows and cats. This goat is still alive and is kicking on with swag especially now that some people see it as a god.

But how beautiful is this goat that someone can really choose to worship? Does this goat look appealing at all? Na wa o. Spiritual matters are strange o.

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  1. indians can worship anything weird,its their way.
    quiz no158

  2. hmmm…India believe in worshiping any idol than because is there own means of communicating there god..quiz no 9

  3. if the India’s can worship a goat with one eye then there is nothing the India’s will not worship ..nawa for this world oo

  4. chiobi Chidimma A

    hmmmm is not a new thing to them because they are full of strange things,everyday, quiz no.88

  5. Huh! This world is turning into something else.

  6. If is what they believe is protecting them and is what makes them happy they should do it

  7. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Nawa for India people o…. they can worship nonsense…. what is it that God can do that the goat can do
    GROUP 15A

  8. udechukwu chiamaka

    Holy ghost fire (S9)

  9. Spiritual Yahoo indeed! It’s incredible what people can do just to connect to the extraterrestrial and the spiritual.Indian’s especially. But who are we to judge.It might be part of their culture to worship any strange occurrence. God help them.

  10. Am scared to comment on this because its really scary. Am happy am a christian. Indians no go kill me.

  11. Indians and their idol worshipping,God help Indians and also the goat

  12. Theirs nothing i wouldn’t see in this world,very strange goat with one eye. God help us.

  13. Indians are known in worship werdy and scary thing’s ain’t surprised thoe
    Quiz number:18 Group number:15 A

  14. Benjamin David (S5)

    Hmm…Indians are really good in worshipping different things…one day we will wake up and hear they are worshipping fish…well I can’t change their tradition…it theirs not ours…S5

  15. India and their ways

    Even a goat??

    Worshiping a goat can’t make their life better
    If its not God.. Its nobody.

  16. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This is strange o.
    Worshipping a goat wit one eye nawa o
    things are really happening in this world.

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