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Spiritual War! Female Catholic Prayer Warrior Clashes with Sabbath Church Pastors Over Strange Death of Her Brother

By Peter Ikegbunam

The death of a 34 year old Pastor Udoji Elijah Onuorah is generating controversy as there was a mild drama at his burial ceremony held at his home town Isiokwe Orenja Omor on Monday October 2.

A woman who is related to the deceased and believes he was murdered through diabolical means had a brief clash with Sabbath Church pastors over prayer session.

The woman who identified herself as Uduego Mama Ejima declared a breaking of yoke and barrier prayer during the burial ceremony, to save the family from further untimely death shortly after a team of four Sabbath pastors went to the deceased’s graveside for prayers and spraying of oil and holy water.

The woman requested that six men should be gathered round a small growing orange tree safeguarded with mosquito net very close to the already dug grave for a prayer session. The first pastor who was consulted obliged to the request and invited five other members who went round the orange tree praying while holding one another by the hands.

As this prayer was still ongoing a senior pastor came in and instructed that the prayer should be stopped. This counter instruction put those who were already praying in a state of confusion on whether to continue or stop as their senior pastor had instructed. At this point, Mama Ejima staggered close to the senior pastor and brushed her shoulder against the pastor’s and he kept quiet till that prayer is concluded.

In an interview with our correspondent that covered the event, Mama Ejima said that Pastor Elijah’s death is not ordinary as proclaimed by his fellow pastors and other church members. According to her, “there is total darkness in this family and kindred. Greater heart break is yet to occur if that prayer had not been completed”.

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While providing the reason to request for such prayer in a burial of a Sabbath pastor while she is a Catholic, she said that she had patrilineal relationship with the diseased pastor. She further lamented that what provoked her spiritual enquiry is the fate of the 5 kids left behind without a father at their earlier age.

In her words, “I woke up this morning and I asked God a question about his death. Because of my relationship with him, I have to interrogate God for his death at this age with these kids. On arrival here, I went to the casket and examined him and went into deep meditation and a revelation was made. In that revelation, I saw a small local pot guarded round with six cock feathers bound together with a black girdle. Inside the pot was a tied wall-gecko still struggling for survival and a lump of charcoal.” This according to the woman was what brought the live of the young pastor to an abrupt end so soon.  “Another soul that will touch the heart of people will still be lost as there is perpetual darkness as suggested by the charcoal inside the pot’. Such tear-eliciting death can only be averted by that chain prayer,” she said.

Reacting to the incident, the eldest brother to the diseased Pastor, Mr Chukwemeka Onuorah, said that he was surprised on the development. Mr Onuoarh who expressed sever shock on the demise of his younger brother told newsmen that he will embark on his own personal spiritual investigation on the cause of his brother’s untimely death. And he will not hesitate to retaliate if eventually he found that his brother died of any fetish act by any person or group of persons. “I gave the person(s) who are responsible for my brother’s death just seven days to join him in the grave if this prophecy is true.”

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Meanwhile, effort to speak with the lead pastor who ministered at the burial proved abortive as all other pastors declined any interview with our correspondent in his absence. It could be recalled that the pastors who came to the burial had earlier told the public that the diseased fellow died a natural death as ordained by God.

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