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South Africans Mock Boko Haram Over Rumours of Xenophabic Attack Retaliations (Watch Viral Videos)

South Africans are have engaged in massive mockery of Boko Haram in the aftermath of Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other Africans. There is currently what is called  ‘Boko Haram Challenge’ going viral online as different South Africans mock the terrorist group to catch fun for themselves. Here is the story as packaged and posted on The South African.;

The threat of Boko Haram possibly attacking South Africa, as a response to the xenophobic attacks we recently saw this past week, has been turned into a trending meme challenge.

Yes, folks, South Africans have — in a hilarious way — flipped the bird on one of Africa’s most notorious terrorist groups, and we are here for this energy.

Xenophobic attacks: What’s the latest?

Tensions remain palpable between locals and foreign nationals in South Africa. However, it appears that the violence has ended and that law enforcement agencies in Gauteng have restored law and order in the province.

Across our borders, however, the situation is a bit different. On Wednesday, videos showing South African businesses being attacked by Zambian and Nigerian locals, in their respective countries, went viral.

Authorities in both countries have remained on high alert for any spurts of violence that may break out, and according to our understanding, there have been no reports of injured or murdered South Africans.

Is Boko Haram really going to attack South Africa?

The suggestions that Boko Haram, an infamous terrorist group, was planning on unleashing revenge in South Africa was admittedly laughable.

The last people on this continent that would want to rely on the help of Boko Haram are from Nigerians.

However, videos showing foreign nationals alleging that the terrorist group was aware of what’s going on to ‘their people’ in South Africa and that they were planning on “unleashing revenge” did the job.

The threats were never verified, neither were they confirmed by authorities. However, as serious as they were, they did not stop South Africans from poking a little fun at them.

The best of the #BokoHaramChallenge

It has been quite a long and heartwrenching week and this is the type of comedy we needed to iron out a few wrinkles from our grim faces.

These the top picks from the #BokoHaramChallenge compiled by The South African:

(The SouthAfrican)

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