South African Head Master In Trouble After School Girls Strip Nearly Unclad To Perform Song At School Cultural Festival (VIDEO)

You may call this culture taken too far but these South African girls’ desire to reflect their culture during a school programme is generating controversy.

The Headmaster of a school in South Africa is currently in trouble after directing students to perform almost naked during a festival. He says it is a full display of Xhosa culture where girls dress and dance with just tiny loin covering their privates while their backside and bosom are in full display.

The fact that the young school girls were exposed to strangers in such an intimate way sparked outrage in that country.

Critics argue that people should not be stuck in the past, that it is not everything referred to as culture should be displayed in such a public function based on decency. The argue that people should move on to modern times. So the headmaster’s good intentions are now bad news for him.

Watch the video here;


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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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