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Sources of rural news

Rural news refers to report about happenings, events, occurrences, people and all forms of timely information about rural areas. It is news about rural areas. A rural area is a community or collection of communities in the hinterland, or outside the cities, often with low density and poor infrastructures when compared with the city. The term ‘rural’ is used to refer to places outside the cities.  Rural news therefore refers to activities or occurrences in rural communities which are newsworthy

Sources of rural news are personal source: This refers to interviews with local news sources and personalities such as traditional rulers, religious leaders and other opinion leaders in the rural community, elected political office holders representing the rural community you are covering, including other politicians that are news makers, town union leaders, eyewitnesses and victims of incidents that happened in the rural community, among others. The personal source is a channel for getting primary information about rural areas.

Stored source: This refers secondary rural news sources which consist of documents that have relevance to rural news stories. They include doctor’s report on rural health incident, speeches by traditional rulers or other personalities containing information relevant in rural story writing, internet materials, books, petitions, media reports, and such other documents.

Observation source: This refers to events witnessed by the journalist. It is also a primary rural news source. The rural reporter observes an event by himself and reports on it.

Most rural news stories combine two or all three of these sources in order to come up with a rich piece.

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