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Smoked Python Delicacy! Have You Tried It?

You may have heard of certain delicacies that pass through fire to become sweet. They include smoked fish, roasted plantain, roasted corn, roasted yam, and even roasted certificate (the type used by those teachers in Kaduna State battling with Governor El Rufai), even roasted degree result (the type carried around by people who ‘graduate’

from University but cannot write a simple application letter correctly).

Well, you have now seen smoked python (see pictures below). Those who love it say it is sweet. If you don’t believe them why not confirm it?

In case you missed that story, a village hunter caught a big python in October. The anonymous hunter killed the python and decided to prepare smoked python delicacy with it. Check the pictures out and imagine how he enjoyed it.



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  1. good for him

  2. dose python meat has any health benefits???

    Team L

  3. This one doesn’t interest me at all

    Group G

  4. Hmmmmn, so disgusting ,i wonder how it taste.

  5. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher


  6. Law-obilero Chiemena

    enough fish team d

  7. So disgusting

    Would never try to taste it

    Group D

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