Sunday , January 23 2022

Slave Trade: Sad Tales About The Bridge of No Return In Ikot Abasi (Video)

Bridge of No Return Ikot Abasi

The Bridge of No Return is one of the sad reminders of the darkest part of Africa’s history which is slave trade.

The bridge is located on the bank of the Ikot Abasi sea, in Akwa Ibom state,Nigeria. It was built as a floating bridge originally in 1795. Captured slaves bound in chains were forced to pass through the bridge before being loaded on to awaiting ships to Europe and America. It is called ‘The Bridge of No Return’ because once a slave walked past it, there was no chance of returning.

Bridge of No Return Ikot Abasi

The bridge also had three underground concrete bunkers where stubborn slaves were locked up before being whisked away to Europe and America.

Bridge of No Return Ikot Abasi

This edition of Rural News Tourism was more than a trip because some of the things I saw are just unbelievable.

Watch the video below;

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