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Six Ways to Fail an Exam before Entering the Hall


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1. Plan to Seat with those you want to assist

When you have an arrangement to enter the hall and sit with your friends you want to assist, this could affect your grade negatively. Some friends are so block-headed that even when you tell them points they cannot develop them. You have to open your answer script wide enough for them to copy line after line and when you are through with one page you cannot turn to another unless they are through. Such friends slow you down and to some extent make you have very low grades. In some other cases you will tell some friends the points for a question but they still expect you to lecture them in the exam hall and in fact tell them how to write it. By the time you keep getting distracted by such friends and invigilators who will be warning you from time to time to time to stop making noise, you may forget the points you wanted to develop or you may not have enough time to put down all you had wanted to put down.

2. Forget your School Fees Receipts

Fees receipts are checked before an exam commences (in most schools). Whether you forgot your receipt at home or you did not pay at all, you fall within this category. If you are not with your fees receipts you would be sent out of the exam hall. By the time you run around to get a written note from the authorities to be allowed in again; or you undergo the trauma of expecting to be sent out while waiting for the fees receipts to be checked; or you are not even allowed into the hall at all; or probably you sneak into the hall somehow but stay throughout the exam tensed up; you will most likely not be composed in the hall. So not coming with your fees receipt is a sure way of failing an exam before entering the hall.

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3. Plan Ahead to ‘Sort’ the Course

You may conclude that a course is ‘sortable’ (that is, the lecturer who taught the cause can be given money to pass a candidate) and decide not to study at all. This could backfire. It is possible that the lecturer could even forget that he or she was given money for that course by a candidate and mark objectively. In such instances you approach the person after failing the course and you will be told “Oh I forgot. Why didn’t you remind me? There is nothing I can do now. Next time I will see what I can do.” Does this quotation sound familiar to those of you who are used to sorting? It is also possible that you may be planning to sort a course and the lecturer travels for an engagement and suddenly returns with the result. You only get to know that the result is out when you see an ‘F’ or a ‘D’ on the published result. Why not just study hard and pass your exam? Forget sorting.

4. Watch movies during the days of exam

This may sound strange but some students actually watch movies or keep browsing the net while others are studying hard for an exam. They enter the hall and want to perform magic or disturb every other serious student around them. If you like keep watching Nollywood films during exam period and don’t read your book. When you enter the hall and see question One, by the time you look up again, in that confusion all your invigilators will look like Nkoli Nwa Nsukka to you.

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5. Cram your notes

Cramming here refers to  memorizing a large portion of your note or text before entering the hall. This is a dangerous way to study. It may work some people sometimes but not always. You may cram a portion of your note or text book that may end up not coming out in the exam. Confusion will definitely set in because you did not give other topics space in your brain. Cramming could really be disappointing at times.

6. Miss quizzes and lectures

Some students take quizzes for granted. They conclude that lecturers do not use quizzes to access students. This may not be true in all cases. You may take a particular quiz for granted and the lecturer decides that is that one he wants to use. You may resume school late and conclude that you can read the note taken by other students and still pass. This may not work for everybody. Just make sure you attend lectures and do all quizzes to run away from super stories.


Feel free to add other points to the ones above. Also tell us the point you do not agree with.

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  1. Comming late to examination is very dangerous because it will disorganise you and may even make you forget what you have read it will be better you come 30mins before the actual time of the exam.

  2. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    This is a very powerful advice to the whole students… Thank you very much sir.

  3. Nwoye Chinaza Faustina

    This is interesting for those that are interested

  4. The issue of missing quiz and lectures is the worst because the lecturer will never allow u to enter let alone writing the exam ,If he is the type that marks attendance what will u do

  5. this is a very big warning to some of my colleagues who doesnt take things serious and at last they will start saying had I no .I wonder what a student will be doing in his or her lodge/hostel when lectures and quizes are going on ,busy chatting and watching film while important matters are going on .please if you are under this category pls make a hae will the sun shines if not for your future for your parents paying that money they are suffering to get that and for some who still waste their money in sorting sorry for you because you don’t no what you are doing to better learn your lessons now

  6. Preparing of oneself before the examination helps a lot, avoidance of friends who cannot motivate u but rather depend on you on all courses is absolutely required because such friends will lead you to your failure but friends who are more knowledgeable than you are will motivate and contribute to your success.
    it is necessary that we shun mediocrity which is an enemy so as shunning friends who would rather read than depend on you….we should always avoid coming late to examination because when that happens we feel distracted. our brain needs to be relaxed so as to enable what we ve read reflect in our memory but when we didn’t get all that is being required of us, it will warrant that we have to run around or even gallivant all in the name of getting them…when they are being gotten we find out that we can’t face our books because what u claimed you know in there you can’t recall any longer.

  7. Nice writeup, students should take correction in these areas. quiz no 8 group 11.

  8. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    That no 6, is applicable to Dr Nwabueze lectures, whoever misses his quiz,is already determining his faith of failure. For me quiz is very important as it helps to boost ones grade. Sorting, which has become a common norm in our Nigeria universities. its not just the students at fault, but also the lecturers. For me, another point is failure to understand the reason for the exams. One problem also is failure on the students part to understand a question, before answering them.

    Group 10, Quiz No: 86.

  9. chisom Janefrances

    Nice one Sir.Another thing is thinking Negatively.
    some students never believe what they are capable of. maybe during exams they wil start stressing in such a way negative thought we start coming through their mind.
    Another one that is mostly important is prayer. before they exams start just give yourself a minute committ all your papers into God’s hand because nothing is impossible for him.a word goes like this”prayer is the key to success “.
    Lastly is determination.
    NB: three things i know that will help pass your exams is:1:believe in yourself

  10. Emechebe chiamaka precious

    true talk,bt we students knw dis yet we do most of dis.159
    group 15a

  11. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    so true

  12. I totally agree on this

    Quiz no

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