Wednesday , October 5 2022

Six Bathroom Habits That Annoy Couples The Most

This survey was run in UK by bathroom retailer Drench. We believe what was found out from is closely related to what happens in other parts of the world.
1. 1/3 of men said their partner’s most annoying bathroom habit was leaving hair in the drain or sink, compared with 15% of women.
2. Both men and women are also bothered by their partners leaving fake tan or make-up stains in the bathroom.
3. More than 23% of men get irritated by their partner not cleaning the toilet after themselves compared with 40% of women – making it the top partner bugbear for women.
4. A quarter of women and 16% of men dislike when their partner doesn’t flush the toilet.
5. Both genders also found it irritating when their partners left the door open while on the toilet and when they used the toilet while they were bathing. However, the survey also found that more than 60% of couples use the toilet with the door open.
6. More than a fifth said they would “never feel comfortable” discussing toilet issues with their partner. The survey also found that more than half of couples share towels, which “means they are putting themselves at risk of sharing faecal bacteria with each other”.

Do you are agree with any of these? Let’s hear from you by sharing yours.

(Source: nairaland)

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