Sickening video shows teen brutally beaten by bullies in school bathroom (warning: distressing footage)

A disturbing video has emerged on social media this week showing a 14-year-old Baltimore high school student being viciously beaten in the boys’ bathroom by a mob of attackers.

Twitter user @spiicegirll shared the nearly minute-long video on Wednesday. By Thursday afternoon, it has been viewed more than 442,800 times and retweeted 2,100 times.

The graphic footage opens with a bespectacled teenage boy dressed in a school uniform standing against a bathroom wall with his arms crossed on his chest, surrounded by a gaggle of teens.

Although it is difficult to make out from the audio what is being said, it is apparent from the participants’ tense body language that the boy in the glasses and his classmates exchange some words.

After one of the students asks the boy to take off his glasses, another teen dressed in a grey ‘Duke’ sweatshirt throws the first punch, which lands squarely on the victim’s face.

The boy stumbles backwards, and at that moment another teen with what looks like a lollipop in his mouth punches the victim in the face, causing him to lose his balance.

Before long, the 14-year-old is being pummeled by at least four people, who mercilessly beat and kick the boy.

He is seen in the video cowering in the corner by the sink and using his hands to shield his head and face from the blows raining down on him.

As soon as his attackers file out of the bathroom, the victim, who never utters a word or tries to fight back, rubs his face and calmly walks out.

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Commenters on Twitter said that based on the uniforms worn by the teenage boys in the video – a navy polo shirt with a distinctive emblem on the chest and khaki pants – it was recorded at Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy West in Baltimore.

According to the school’s website, Blueford Jemsion Academy is the only all-male middle and high school in Baltimore City.

‘The vision of BDJ is to build strong, positive relationships with male scholars so they can achieve independence, confidence, and academic knowledge as they pursue college and career opportunities,’ the description on the school’s official website reads. on Thursday contacted Baltimore City Public Schools seeking comment on the incident.

A district representative confirmed in an email that the attack took place at Bluford Drew Jemison Academy on Wednesday.

‘Students involved in the incident are being identified. Appropriate action will be taken in accordance with City Schools’ Code of Conduct and the law,’ the statement read.

The district on Thursday made counselors, social workers, and psychologists available at the school, and reached out to the victim of the beating offering support.

‘We are committed to the safety and security of our students and staff and work hard every day to create positive and supportive environments for teaching and learning,’ spokesperson Tabitha Lee said.

Other Twitter users were able to track down the Instagram handle of the victim, who was identified as a 14-year-old aspiring rapper from Baltimore. is not naming the boy because he is a minor and the victim of a potential crime.

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The teen took to his Instagram page on Wednesday to thank his followers for their concerns  in the wake of the bullying video’s release and reassure them that he was ‘good.’

The 14-year-old admitted that the beating hurt but dismissed his attackers as being ‘goofy.’

He followed up on Thursday with a post showing him dressed in his school uniform and flashing the victory sign.


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