SHOCKING! Landlady slices tenants with razor over Easter chicken (See Disturbing Photos)

A 12 year old boy and his mother were attacked by their landlady with a razor blade at their Ughelli residence in Delta state over the droppings of a chicken bought for Easter celebration.

The allegation by the victims, Mrs. Onobrakpeya and her son, Emuobonuvie Onobrakpeya, is coming just as the landlady’s husband, Mr. Prosper Atalekor, told Vanguard that it was his 10-year-old son that slashed the face and neck of the victims in defense of his mother, who was being beaten by the Onobrakpeyas.

It was gathered that trouble between both families started when a chicken, bought by Efe Onobrakpeya, husband to the woman, soiled the veranda of the Atalekors, leading to a verbal confrontation which was followed by a free-for-all by the women.

Efe, who confirmed the attack on his wife and son while speaking to journalists in Ughelli, lamented that the landlady had yet to be arrested after inflicting life-threatening injuries on members of his family.

He said, “I reported the matter to the ‘B’ Division, Ughelli, and the Divisional Police Officer gave me two policemen to arrest the woman, who went into hiding after the incident. The policemen insisted I give them money before they do anything.”

However, the suspect’s husband said: “The incident has been a recurring issue as the woman feels she is bigger in size than my wife and always pounced on her whenever they clash.

When this recent incident happened, she and her son attacked my wife and children, with the woman beating my wife and pulling her hair, her son was also hitting my wife with a plank.

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It was my 10-year-old son in trying to defend his mother that picked a razor blade and used it to cut the woman and the boy. My wife, too, was taken to the hospital as she sustained injuries.”

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  1. Igbeli Assumpta Kosiso

    My God..this can only a product of heightened hate 4 a long period of time but how can a 10 year old do that?

  2. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    Nawa o this is wickedness

  3. Eze Priscillia Obianuju

    hmm wonders shall never end

  4. This is wickedness.

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  5. that landlady must be something else.


  6. Antoinette Mordi A

    Some people are just very wicked

  7. Chukwurah Uzoamaka

    What a world.God help us

  8. Haaaaa some people are heartless oh

  9. this is the act of wickedness,some people really have mine oh.

  10. Ejimbe Eric 2015054072 (41)

    very inhuman I think she should be attended to with immediate effect .

  11. Anwuka chetachi assumpta

    What a world. This is wickedness
    Anwuka chetachi assumpta

  12. Umeugo Vivian ifunanya

    hmm… Biko Wat is common chicken dat someone could be so inhuman to her fellow being!

  13. Jesus this is evil. No one with his right senses will do this. wonders will surely never end

  14. Emenanjo onyinyechi. m

    Wickedness in highest oder

  15. This is too much

  16. Correction

    The hatred has been harboured for long

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  17. This is wickedness at its peak.May God help us.

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