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Shocking! How Secondary School Boys in Lagos Gang-raped Girls as Part of Graduation Tradition

Two of the assaulted girls (Pix credit: naijadailyfeed)

Please find it hard to believe this story. It happened live and it is everywhere in the social media but as you read, just doubt it because it is disgusting. It would be unfair to humanity to believe that this really happened.

Senior Secondary boys in Ireti Grammar school and Falomo Senior high school, both in Lagos state, are currently hunted by Police for publicly raping female students who had also concluded their final exams. It was reported that the affected girls were students of Falomo Senior high school who were on their way home only to be attacked by several boys some of whom had pair of scissors in their pockets for cutting open the skirts of the girls. This incident happened while other students cheered on the rapists as they carried out the acts. It was gathered that this mass rape was part of the tradition among the secondary school boys who have to rape other secondary school girls to mark the end of their secondary school career. It was further gathered that on Thursday, policemen from the Adeniji Adele Police Division, the Social Welfare Department of the Lagos State Ministry of Youths, Sports and Social Development and officials from the deputy governor’s office stormed the schools to trace some of the boys who could be identified as the perpetrators. In fact, the Lagos state government has tasked the police to ensure that perpetrators of the crime were all fished out.  Police already has four of these boys in custody and are on the trail of others. The arrested boys are students of Ireti Grammar school, South West Ikoyi.

An eyewitness, Michale Matthew, who was at the scene and played the role of good Samaritan by saving most of the girls wrote a public letter posted on naijadailyfeed blog, detailing what she observed. The content of this letter is presented below:
Dear Reader, I write this incidence with lots of mortification and great concern for what the next generation will be like in Nigeria if we do not quickly get to work repairing and paying them attention. Our elders have led their lives and we the generation who follow the baby boomers must hunker down and correct the ills in our back yards and community. It’s a common saying that evil prevails when good men do nothing. Today the 3rd of May 2017, I almost saw this evil happen. ‘Almost’ because I got so moved in my spirit with great indignation that I decided to speak up. I am in my office about 4pm waiting for my driver to bring my older son from school so we can get home on time to prepare the younger one for his common entrance exams into secondary school coming up in two weeks. I called the driver and he said he was around and as I leave my nieces office upstairs, I hear a lot of shouting and commotion outside our office. I then ask the receptionist what it was about and he says it’s the secondary school student who have finished their final exams tearing their clothes. I mumble to my self that if any of them were my children I will deal with them. As they don’t earn money so how can they tear what was bought for them. Suffice to say I give my older son who is helping me with my bags that speech and we head out into the car. As we come outside the noise is overwhelming and as my son kept saying when we were later discussing what happened, he described it as being very intense when we had a chance to discuss the events that followed as people were running and upon my looking closer I saw pockets of people actually students and then girls running with palpable fear in their faces. At this point I quickly enter my car to leave so one doesn’t meet what ever the problem was and to avoid traffic too. And as we entered the car and I look a bit closely at a crowd of boys who have surrounded two persons on the floor who appear to be fighting. Their shouting overpowers any other sound and looking closely I see the most unreal thing. It’s actually a boy trying to force himself on a girl with his trousers partly down and the boys are cheering him on.

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People are looking and some persons the security guards in the office near us are recording it. I open my car in disbelief and shout on the boys to break it up while shouting at my security and the second driver to assist me. I walk towards them and as I make my way towards them I see another group and this time they have cornered one of the the girls who fell while running from them. In almost a surreal way I am looking but not quickly processing. I see her kicked down, she bravely pushes her self up and another guy tries to clear her legs and she lunges at him and then a guy takes a pair of scissors in his hands and with one swoop tears her skirt from the bottom and also a part of the black spanx shorts she has on underneath. All this happens really in a few minutes and he proceeds to push himself into her through her back. His trousers is open too and another one tries to do same from the front. As this is going on the crowd of boys are wild with frenzy, cheering the two boys on, while grabbing at her hair, breasts and she is fighting for dear life. I am still making my way towards the first group but they bolt when they see me coming and when I see them do so I move ahead and rush towards the second group this time shouting at the top of my lungs at my own office security, the office next door and thankfully mine follow me and when they see us coming they break up and run but there more girls running back. I reach the girl and we gather her things together. She ties the torn skirt around her spanx shorts like a wrapper and holds onto to me. I see the boys have run forwards and stopped, waiting for me to enter my car while threatening other teenage school girls still. I have a crowd of over 25 girls huddled together frantically telling me their various ordeal. I ask them to take another route back and am told if the go back from where they are coming there is another group behind and the our office road is a crescent so they are technically locked in. And most of them have their skirts ripped as they claim the boys in the various groups have scissors on them. Further questioning tells me the best way is to go out is towards the other side but since they are too scared to go I ask my security, some other men have come out to escort them too, with myself as the only adult female and there begins over an hours walk towards the obalende roundabout from off awolowo road in Ikoyi. We meet other girls who have had their clothes ripped as the boys fled once the boys realized I was not backing up.

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The boys would reach a distance and stop to taunt the girls. We now had a crowd of over 60 girls who needed to get safely to the bus stop and find their way home. We ( being myself and the other men escorting the girls) start talking about how to get hold of one of the boys so we can use him as an example. At this point I call a friend and ask for a Mopol to be sent to me. I describe my location.  My attention is drawn to another girl who had just been manhandled by the fleeing boys. A woman warns the girls to beware as the boys have spilt up and are waiting as some live in that locality. We then break into three groups to escort the girls to their various bus or home points. I take the two girls whom I saw personally manhandled and begin to make careful inquiries. Feedback shows that they go to a senior high school called Falomo Senior High School next to Ireti grammar school that these boys go to. Today was both schools final day after which they will come only to collect their results from Wednesday of the following week so the boys who had already started raping some girls last week now planned this brazen rape and manhandling activity. They had also stolen their phones and transport money. We then made arrangements to transport them home. By now the mopol has come. He walks me to obalende under bridge to put the two girls and their friends going to Yaba into a bus. This is not before I get the names of the boys as George and Abiodun as the main perpetrators, they are final year students of Ireti Grammar School SW Ikoyi. I call a friend and am told to take pictures but most of the girls have gone but we are able to take pictures of at least 7 girls with me who had torn clothes in various stages of disarray. I give my number to the only girl left with a phone and this was because she put it into her spanx shorts as she wore two and used one to roll her phone into it. I am amazed at this whole thing and we agree that they should come through to my office on Wednesday of the following week but I will go ahead and make a report to the two schools tomorrow and begin finding these evil boys so we can use them as examples to deter other from this abominable behavior perpetrated in broad day light. One of the girls says she can identify them. She gives me her number. I ask my security to ensure he receives them at 9am when we agreed to meet. I turn and leave but I will never be the same again. The evil is terrible. The lack of regard and the indignity.

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My mind runs through and is still running through all I have seen. I have a friend who normally stops to help distressed persons or attend to traffic situation and I always warn him to desist and he will say someone has to do it. Today I am most grateful I was that someone. I had other people join me especially a man who saw me and said madam a girl was raped last week by this office. Am tired of this. Removed his tie and followed me. They stayed with me till the last set of kids entered the bus and as they came so they left when we got done. I did not get to say thank you to them. My older son was like mum, they must be angels or Jesus. Actually he said the man that followed me first must be Jesus. I don’t know who he was but if he ever reads this post my heartfelt thank you to him for that large hearted action. God is kind oh, that there are still good men but we must speak up and as such I am following up to ensure we do something collectively to help the boys of this school as I believe mentoring is required if this cycle is to be broken but the ones who committed this dastardly act must be brought to book first. I ask those in authority to look into this as I am told it’s quite prevalent. God bless Nigeria….

According to Saturday Punch, a resident of the neighbourhood, Mrs. Bisola Aderiye, said that usually, when students of public secondary schools in the area finish their final exam, tearing their school uniforms while male students assault the female have always been the usual thing.

When Saturday Punch asked why residents such as herself failed to do anything whenever they witness such things, she said, “Some of those boys move around with knives and scissors. Because some of them live around here, they always do it where we people cannot catch them. But we are aware they do it.”

Yet another resident said, “It is a so-called normal activity for the leavers. They tear their uniforms (while) girls are raped and abused. In fact, count yourself lucky if raped by just a boy who protects you from being gang raped.

“Some girls absent themselves from school. Some wear three or four cyclers as protective wears; some bribe or pay for their freedom.” (Saturday Punch).

This development has continued to generate anger and extreme outrage from the public as more people confirm that thus has actually been a tradition among secondary school leavers in the area.

Please can you imagine this?


The question is what is the world turning into? These are boys whose next step is to get admission into tertiary institution. What would such boys become on campus? Do you blame the parents, teachers, or society for the moral decay among the youth in today’s society? When you read this kind of story and find it to be true, how do you feel?




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  1. why did the school not act on an immoral act like this when they knew its has been going on..
    group 15
    quiz no 27

  2. I think that those involved in d rape issue should be held,because it abominable crime.using rape as a graduation tradition is rubbish

  3. I think the world is at its peak of corruption the youths especially those leaving secondary school should be made to understand that that is not the end of their academic lives but a stepping stone to the greater struggles ahead I don’t really blame the teachers like they say charity begins at home so also the morals of a child should first emanate from home then the society also have a role to play because like they say show me your friend and i will tell you who you are but I think if the parents do their work properly then the teachers and society would have lesser headache.

  4. I think it’s the society because for a particular students to behave such wicked and brutal……the society didn’t do or say anything about it it gav them more courage to do what ever the fill like doing and also the teachers the should be couscous of there students because it’s there responsibility as teachers, the should be able to look in to this situation so that more harm won’t be done. For a student to come with harmful materials I think that’s a criminal case a bad name to the society and the school
    Quiz number (18)
    Group number :15 A

  5. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    From my own point of view, it seen dat did story is unbelievable because I don’t see a reason why an undergraduate behave like this,jox becos dey re don wit deer WACE dat will make dem behave abnormal den wat will happen if dey enter university … D whole world will bow down for dem.please police should luk after did matter and deal wit anyone find guilty of dix incident

  6. this is really an abominable act…. parents should please counsel their children on their moral life.

  7. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    From my own point of view, it seen dat did story is unbelievable because I don’t see a reason why an undergraduate behave like this,jox becos dey re don wit deer WACE dat will make dem behave abnormal den wat will happen if dey enter university … D whole world will bow down for dem.please police should luk after did matter and deal wit anyone find guilty of dix incident

  8. ogonna Marycynthia nkemjika

    From my own point of view, it seen dat dix story is unbelievable because I don’t see a reason why an undergraduate behave like this,jox becos dey re don wit dere WACE dat will make dem behave abnormal den wat will happen if dey enter university … D whole world will bow down for dem.please police should luk after did matter and deal wit anyone find guilty of dix incident

  9. I think it’s the teacher’s fault the have refused to act like parents to those kids and take more responsibility
    Quiz number :16
    Group number :15 A

  10. This is unbelievable, unheard of. such matter should never be handled with kids gloves.How will something like this be happening and there will be onlookers who are not willing to seek for help?,What sort of tradition is that,for raping to be practiced. the culprits should be punished for this crime to serve as a lesson to others.
    Quiz number: 20

  11. Edochie Vivian kc

    This a mischievous act which the school authority should see to by preventing theseact through the enforcement of certain agencies who will make sure that on the graduation day that every activities should be monitored especially the hidden places in the school because it’s the place where rapist carry out there activities and ladies should be careful in what they wear and how they act.

  12. This is really unfortunate… Our youths should avoid such rebellious and ungodly behaviors and I think parents are to blame for such behavior in children

  13. okonkwo chukwunonso victor 2016054090 (Q3)

    This bad news to hear i grow up in lagos i know how boys from public schools behave this thing they done is normal thing they like done, when they finish their last exam they tear their cloth and pour water at each, i will blame the lagos government for these wrong behaviour student in public school these kind of things always happen and they is not government normal done about these kind of situation even when two public school clash you can call the police hundred time they will still not come to the rescue,lagos government need to done some thing about these for these kind of bad behaviour. we not happen again.

  14. Dumaka Francis U

    Nawa o

  15. Chukwunedu Nkechi Fransisca

    This is terrible and alarming to the ears. How would raping young females be a tradition to secondary school leavers,yet people know about it an do nothing? Culprits must be dealt with thoroughly.They mustn’t be left to go scot free irrespective of their age.
    Reg no:2016054002
    Quiz no:22
    Group no:15

  16. This is seriously barbaric, am still at shock cos am finding this hard to believe, that school has no atom of morals to impact on futures of tomorrow and if drastic measures are not taken by the government, such school will end up giving birth to hoodlums

  17. This is seriously barbaric, am still at shock cos am
    finding this hard to believe, that school has no atom of
    morals to impact on futures of tomorrow and if drastic
    measures are not taken by the government, such school
    will end up giving birth to hoodlums

  18. they deserve to be hanged not even going to prison or being tortured… what kind of graduation tradition is that…

  19. chisom Janefrances

    Lagos state.government should try look at the matter well because those little brat deserve a big punishment dat they won’t forget in their miserable life.
    Am just what if eventually the enter into high institutions,they would even do worst that we never expect.God what is this world turning into.
    message to parents try and know what your children both inside and outside,also know the kind of friends the go out with.try n make sure if they attend classes or not because they are the leaders of tomorrow.
    Hakuna Matata(means no worry)

  20. What would one make out of this? An evil deed as such should have been tackled long ago. what nonsense tradition, registered authorities should better do something about this. Thank God for this good Samaritan.

  21. what a terrible graduation tradition, those people involved in this crime should be severely dealt with for this barbaric act.

  22. the world today is Corrupt and now the youth of today are being influence by it.parents and teachers should be on guard In molding this student,parents should create time to know more about their children and teachers should do their best In correcting their execess within the school environment.the training of a child is not of the parents alone but everyone that come across that child so members of the society should also help because this youth are leaders of tomorrow and soon they will be In the university were they will be expected to live on their own. (09)

  23. Akukalia Louis

    the Nigerian police force and Lagos state government should look down to the last of this incident ,raping is not a legal act in the country at large, so the police should discipline the boys caught in this act … so as the society will learn from this… group 15 A (13)

  24. What a world,those kids needs to be punished, at this age they has become professional rapist in a blood day light what will happen when they get Admission in the Higher Institution.

  25. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    this is a sad story,i think it is the fault of the teachers of that school. most government schools’teacher pay less attention to their students,they do this because they feel they’re working for the government and they’re not always there to monitor them. i believe that if the teachers of that school made sure that the boys went home.this wouldnt have happen. our generation is suffering from the reluctancy of the older ones to train
    group no:15A
    quiz no:31

  26. Later they(boys) will blame the devil for their stupidity
    quiz no:40

  27. This is so unfair!!

    What a barbaric act.

  28. Chikwendu Chidinma

    So sad God please touch the hearts of youths especially boys to desist from this devilish act of raping young girls all in the stupid name of graduation

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