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Shocking! Former Soldier Arrested For Snatching Car

A thirty-four-year-old Lance Corporal Abubakar Isiaka who deserted the army because he was listed among the soldiers to fight Boko Haram in Sambisa forest as he was afraid of his life has landed in trouble.

Isiaka who abandoned his duty post and kissed goodbye to the Nigerian Army as he didn’t want to lose his life fighting the terrorists was recently caught after he allegedly snatched a car belonging to another man.

In an attempt to explain the reason for his escape from the army, Isiaka said he was tired of watching his friends and colleagues die at the war front, in the hands of Boko Haram men.

While narrating his transition from being a soldier to a criminal, he said, “I was not officially dismissed from the Army.”

“I decided not to go to work anymore when I was posted to Sambisa Forest to tackle the Boko Haram sect. I was among Nigerian soldiers that went to the Sudan Peace Keeping Mission. It was upon my return to Nigeria that our commandant noticed that I was still agile and gallant.”

“He then sent me and some of my friends to Sambisa Forest. I lost most of my friend in that battle. I then decided to leave the battle; I didn’t return to the army base since then.”

After walking away, Isiaka didn’t return property of the army. One of the items he went away with was his uniform. He started using the uniform to commit crime. He was eventually arrested along with his partner, an ex-convict, identified as Saheed Akangbe, 24.

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Isiaka and his partner in crime were presented to journalists by the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Abiodun Odude. They were both arrested for allegedly snatching a Toyota Camry car.


Source – Nairaland

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  1. It annoys me to see miscreants like these ones soil the name of the Nigerian Army. If you value your life more than life itself, then don’t bother enlisting into the Army, death for the greater good is more honourable than being a coward. #GODBLESSNIGERIANARMY… #MILITARYMINDS… #PEACE…

    Even the blind Stevie Wonder can see the soldier is a coward

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