Shocking! Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti Closed Indefinitely

The Federal Polytechnic in Ado Ekiti has been shut down indefinitely on Sunday, following the violent protest by students over the death of two of their colleagues.

It was reported that trouble began on the institution’s campus late Friday when two of the students reportedly complained of malaria.

The two students were rushed to the Polytechnic Health Centre for treatment, but their condition later became worse and they both passed on in the early hours of Saturday.

The School Registrar, Mrs. Sade Adediran announced the immediate and indefinite closure of the school.

Adediran did not, however, confirm whether any student actually died at the Polytechnic Health Centre, which was said to be the trigger for the violent protest.

In her statement, students were warned to stay clear from the campus as any that is seen within the campus after the closure will be that any student found on campus after the closure would be apprehended and made to face the consequences.

The News Agency of Nigeriaa gathered from campus sources that the students on learning about the death of their colleagues, quickly mobilized themselves, marched to the Health Centre and burnt it down.

Apart from also destroying some other property, the students blocked all roads leading to the institution preventing free movement of vehicles.

One of the students, who asked not to be mentioned, condemned the attitude of the polytechnic authorities over their welfare and well-being, lamenting that the only drug available at the health center was paracetamol.

According to him, paracetamol was also given to the two students who were taken to the center, instead of being given effective malaria drugs or injection.

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Source – NTA

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  1. why should tertiary institution with Nigerian students play with the lives of students entrusted in her care quize number 70 reg 2016054136

  2. when will Nigerians stop playing with peoples lives quize no 126 reg 2016054119

  3. Have been saying this thing since ds country don tire me so dere z no more pressing issue at hand z now to b closing polytechnics abiii ndi federal govt wehdonsir

  4. How can this institution health center has only paracetamol in its clinic with a population of students that study in it,thank God the Registrar had it close immediately.

  5. i won’t say burning down the health center is good but this wil send a message to other school health centers to improve because’Health is wealth’…
    quiz no. 55

  6. obido chiamaka Genevieve

    Let this be a warning to other schools health care
    Quiz 18

  7. Okonkwo Isioma Jane

    Paracetamol? Thats really bad. Its good they closed the school sha.

    Quiz no:85

  8. This is really bad,how can the polytechnic health centre should not be equip with drugs to save student’s life.
    Quiz no:2

  9. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    in this kind situation adequate care should be given to the sick students and not being ignored. sickness like malaria should not be taken lightly,but also the violent protest of the student is not always the solution there is wat they call peaceful protest it should be used not violence
    quiz no: 74

  10. ebeledike ifunanya love

    students should be taken good care of in their school the school board should make sure of it. life is so precious
    quiz no:72

  11. opara chukwuemeka.w.Kenneth

    this is so bad,I wonder what the country is turning to

  12. Health is important

    How can a polytechnic health centre be this poor

    Only paracetamol??

    Quiz no 39

  13. chidume happiness .c.

    How can a polytechnic not have a well equipped medical centre.nawao for this country.quiz no 73

  14. Lack of medical equipment and drugs in a polythecnic school?? Where exactly is this country heading to……

  15. hmmmn, upon d money I know they added to their school fees for medical bill ,it is only paracetamol they could give ,nawa oooo
    Quiz no:28

  16. I am highly flabbergasted,that Nigeria I don care of everything will also reach to the extent of human lives …this is very serious and they did the right thing by closing down such centre quiz no 117

  17. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Very disturbing! the school management should provide enough drugs and medical facilities in the polytechnic health centre. Quiz no 58

  18. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Very disturbing! the school management should provide enough drugs and medical facilities in the polytechnic health centre. Quiz no 58

  19. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    When state government won’t take thier universities health matter seriously
    This is an open eye to other universities in Nigeria not only state universities
    Quiz no 48

  20. Hmmm..dont know what this Country nigeria is turning into.. we pray for God grace

    Quiz No.92

  21. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    I was thinking that of COOU is so bad that they will always give their patients drip even when they have stomach pain… Now I have seen the one that pass them… Paracetamol!!! Issorite continue

    Quiz no 54

  22. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    this is so bad,I wonder what the country is turning to.
    Quiz no 90

  23. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    It’s a good thing the school has been shot down at least to avoid Continuous loss of life

    Quiz no 55

  24. This is serious, students need to be taking care of when sick and given good treatment. Not the other way round…

  25. Malaria Malaria everywhere.Nigeria may God see us through
    Quiz number 47

  26. To me i wont blame the health center because the school is suppose to provide drugs for the health center,the health center actually gave out what the school board had for them,so i wont say its their fault. Quiz no 104

  27. the government should improve the school health center

  28. I love the saying health is wealth government should equip most hospital/clinic to avoid much loss

  29. this is very bad,paracetamol for malaria.I wonder what is wrong with this country.
    quiz no:41

  30. Chiekwe Blessing .N.

    until people die that is when drastic measures will be taken,this is such an unfortunate incident.
    Quiz no:60.

  31. i wonder what only paracetamol is doing in a higher institution health center.The school administration should provide the health center with medical facilities .

  32. This is not Appealing… I pray they do something about this

    Quiz no 115

  33. This is bad for a higher institution. Quiz no 100

  34. They should come and close down schools with inadequate medical facilities, how can they give paracetamol for maleria… God have mercy
    Quiz no: 098

  35. Education is becoming something else in this country , God help us o because education is seriously sinking in this country

  36. Ifemeje Chikodili Esther

    Inability of the school managment to provide adequate drugs lead to the death of the two students and that lead to the burning of the school clinic and students riot.The riot lead to closing down the school. Ifemeje Chikodili Esther. Quiz no 62.

  37. Alright. COOU Don see who dey beta pass
    Quiz no 53

  38. there is need for a restructure in the educational sector

  39. This is the problem with most school health care centers how can two students just die like that. something must be done.
    Quiz number 1

  40. what is all this, education is becoming to something else,
    quiz no: 54
    reg no: 2016054111


    Government do something ooo


  42. we need the govt intervention
    quiz 124

  43. we need the govt intervention in this. 124

  44. Ezefunamba Chinaza deborah

    Have nothing much to say but I think closing the institution is a nice decision thank God it has been closed sef

    Quiz no:86

  45. Why will these be happening in Nigeria….. What are they expecting the students to do…
    Go into robbery and prostitution??

  46. this is so painful,governments should value the life of students and stop bringing internship doctors (IT) to come and be the medical doctor in our schools without a qualified one to lead them.number 122(group 15)

  47. well done

  48. So bad.87

  49. I dont understand, what is the educational sector turning into? Una weldone o

  50. It seems the varsity does not have SUG.

  51. Strike is not a good idea at all. 112

  52. This is not a good decision(74)

  53. This is serious,its better it was closed.this is risking students life.(31)

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