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Shocker! Why Do ‘Runs Girls’ End up With Good Guys And The Decent Girls Don’t? – Relationship Expert Joro Olumofin Reveals

This may be a shocking revelation but Psychologist and Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has revealed why he thinks most ‘run girls’ end up with good guys while the decent girls settle for the average ones.
He wrote:

Why is this so?
Based on Direct Observation and survey from thousands of emails sent to me daily by people mostly Nigerians of all works and ages. I’ve gathered that Most men fall for Runs girls and ladies who have a Runs girl mindset.

Who is a runs Girl? A Runs girl is any lady who uses her beauty and looks as a tool to get money from men. Mostly older men. It’s a more flamboyant way of Prostitution. Let’s just say Very classy educated prostitutes.

The question remains , why would a Successful Eligible bachelor go for a runs girl instead of a decent lady? .

The answer is in the approach to mans Cognitive Framework ; his mentality. A runs girl has a “Phd” in knowing how to please a man, what a man wants sexually, what a man likes, her body and mind is a moving encyclopedia filled with ways to please a man. A runs girl takes so much care of her body and private parts because these body parts pay the bills.

While a Decent girl is busy equipping herself mentally, occupationally paying little attention to Social media followers. A decent girl doesn’t see the need to please a man, a decent girl is looking for a man to please her emotionally & romantically , be a companion and meet her halfway. .
A decent girl seems very difficult for most men, she has so many rules, terms and conditions. She doesn’t have the time to feed a Mans Ego and make him feel like a king because she knows she’s a Queen. .

Runs girls have allowed men to run wild and free, without any rules. Men can do and undo as long as a Runs Girl is getting her money , birkin bags and Dubai tickets she’s happy. When a man has gotten so many ladies for cheap, he will never have the patience to go through the TERMS & CONDITIONS of a Decent Girl.

Do you agree with his position?

Source: Gistreel

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  1. Chikwendu Chidinma

    Totally disagree, he should conduct more research because no sense in his write up. Decent girls are more opportuned to wealthy and responsible bachelors unlike runs girls but I’m not judging anyone. Thanks

  2. What a lie!!!. Very incorrect research or “revelation” as it has been tagged.

  3. Casmir Obiakor ONWA

    Well, it all depends on the needer…I mean the man himself. Since it takes only a thief to catch a thief, most runs girls are always needed by runs guys…while decent men go for decent ladies.
    That’s d law of attraction- like materials attract each other (Birds of d same feathers) Full stop…

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