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Shocker! Villagers claim a mysterious snake is rap!ng women and inflicting men with weak erection

snake rapes women in Zimbabwe

Residents of a village in Zimbabwe are making claims that will prove difficult for security personnel to investigate.

The villagers in Inyathi’s Village 5 of Zimbabwe, are alleging that a mysterious snake is “raping” women, inflicting weak erections on men and stealing their money.

They are claiming that the snake belong to a fellow villager who is using it to make money.

This is what one of the villagers told B-Metro:

“Our husbands work tirelessly to feed the families but we don’t see the outcomes as whatever money they earn just disappears into air thin without being used and this seems to be happening in many homes because everyone is complaining of the same that is why we suspect that this is someone’s snake.”

Reports have it that the snake was first spotted on a mountain in a sack by a hunter. He then alerted the village head who acted on the information. Upon getting to the mountain, they ”found the sack with used pampers.”

In order to get to the root of the matter, a self styled Tsikamutanda was summoned to cleanse the village, after which a whirlwind reportedly rose and moved about until it stopped at the homestead of a woman suspected to be the owner of the snake.

The woman accused of being behind this mystery has insisted she is innocent. She accused the villagers of being jealous of her. She told the publication that those making the “false claim” are jealous of her family’s success.

This bizarre story has yet to be confirmed by security personnel in the country.

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