Saturday , September 30 2023

Shocker! Student Runs Naked Inside School for N2,000 (WATCH VIDEO)

This is the shocking story of a student spotted running inside the school premises of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Uli Campus completely naked. It was reported that the boy had a bet with another student that he would be given N2000 if he ran naked in school. ANSUGIST Parrot reported that the student whose level of sanity has not been ascertained yet, was said to have successfully made the ‘home run’ for the N2000 (Two thousand naira).

The boy ran from the rear gate to the main gate and back again. It was reported that while on last lap of the ‘insane’ run (though the boy’s sanity was confirmed by eye witnesses), the pedestrian gate was closed by security men due to the attention the bizarre act was causing. But the boy completed his race by jumping over the main gate’s barricade while receiving insults from bike men who felt disgusted and embarrassed by the act. Having completed the act, the boy started shaking primary school students both male and female along the way, as he was a hero returning from a mega race he just won (as in Usain Bolt).


What is your take on this?


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  1. Emenanjo onyinyechi

    Madness in the aim of making money.
    this really Showes that money control d world

    some students now do any thing just to make money
    I can’t run naked because of 2000

  2. This is what poverty can cause

  3. That’s how difficult the situation of Nigeria is. Who knows if the boy had at least a cup of Garri in his house. People are resorting to stupid n dangerous things to make ends meet. Onye ji biko nye nwannne ya.

  4. God forbid,this is stupidity in the highest order ooo

  5. TThis guy should please contact me. I have good news for him.

  6. Chinenye Nnajiofor

    Just bcos of #2000…….wat a world.. Poverty is a disease..

  7. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    Really??!!! “2000 NAIRA” if I’m not mistaken… Not 2million dollars I laugh in Hindu

  8. just because of 2k he had to run naked……. poverty​ is really a disease, he really need Jesus in his life, I don’t think he is in his right senses.

  9. Udechukwu chiamaka

    this one na real madness

  10. chisom Janefrances

    Hahahaha….. Receive sense IJN…

  11. Eze Priscillia Obianuju

    God help us, am not sure he was in his right senses

  12. Nnadozie Chikodiri

    This is real madness

  13. Chukwurah uzoamaka

    This is ridiculous

  14. He should better use the 2k and buy little sense

  15. Agwaraonye uchenna Maureen

    This is arrant nonsense ,because of money. wonder shall never end. May God deliver him
    Quiz no-one (85)

  16. This madnss no be hereoooo….God save us

    Chioma Oguine
    (063) reg no

  17. Never be in a haste to judge someone. this is what frustration can do
    Name : Ekulide Tochukwu Favour
    Reg no:2015054034
    quiz no:111

  18. 2016054027/DE Quiz no.34

    That was really absurd for someone to place that kind of bet… God help our Nigerian youths!

  19. Obiechina Ifunanya Vivian

    2016054028/DE *Quiz no.32*

    The young man’s action was too bizarre… In my own perspective, I think there is more to this, than ordinary betting. So I suggest School authority should investigate on the matter thoroughly to avoid it escalating to a more serious issue.

  20. Maduka Chioma Fanny

    Many are mad but few are roaming……simple!

  21. this world is turning into something else just because of 2k he run naked,even the guy that gave him the 2k to run nakedly is a wicked soul,because there’s know way a reasonable human being we do such.2015054121 (69)

  22. That is madness yet to be confirmed.
    Aside that, 2k doesn’t worth it.

    Onwuasoanya Rachael

  23. Am convinced he’s not normal.This is unbelievable!
    Obika Happiness


  25. udekwe precious nneka

    only God knows why he had the mind to do such

  26. Chukwuanu Ekpereamaka Peace

    Money they say, is the root of all evil

  27. Money has a way of controlling human behaviour

  28. Hmm just because of money, some people think that money is everything. I can’t do such a thing.

  29. God forbid!!! absolutely abnormal, just because of common 2k,his sanity level should really be checked.

  30. This one has pass hunger,his crazy

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