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Shocker! Pig Bites Model During ‘Friendly’ Photoshoot In Island (Watch Viral Video)

A model got more than she bargained for during a photoshoot as one of the pigs meant to be part of the shoot suddenly played the wrong role.

When fitness model Michelle Lewin visited Pig Island in the Bahamas, she was probably hoping to get some adorable pictures playing with piglets for her Instagram feed. Things went horribly wrong for her, however, when the animals appeared to turn on her.

The 32-year-old fitness model from Venezuela shared a video which shows her posing in a white bikini on the beautiful island – very popular among social media influencers, who often travel there specifically to take pics with the feral pigs that inhabit it.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, as Michelle poses, one of the pigs walks up to her and bites her.

Despite the shock, she posted the funny video to Instagram. In the clip, she can be heard screaming in Spanish (“it bit me”).

Since being shared online on Tuesday, the video has collected over 5.7 million views and thousands of comments.

“Oh no!! This is the place I am going on a royal Caribbean cruise. And I wanted to do that. Maybe not anymore,” wrote one commenter. “Oh my god so funny hHahahahahah,” said another.

In an interview to USA Today, Michelle’s husband Jimmy said that she is doing fine after getting bit and did not receive any medical attention as the “bite didn’t break the skin.”

He also added that Michelle has no desire to hang out with pigs anymore.

“It’s definitely off her bucket list,” he said. “We understand that they are wild animals. And we’re entering their territory. It’s our own fault.”

Last year, another social media influencer got to experience Bahamas’ unfriendly animals when a shark bit her during a photoshoot.

Source: NDTV

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