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Shocker! Man S*xually Abuses His Own Daughters, Chickens and Even Family Dog…See Shocking Details

The man was arraigned in Adelaide district court
An Australian man, (name withheld) has been charged to court to face charges of s*xual abuse.
 The man who is said to have s*xually abused his own daughter, step-daughter, chickens and even family dog was found guilty and has been jailed for nearly three years.
According to The Independent, the Australian man who cannot be named for legal reasons, voluntarily confessed his crimes to his ex-wife and then to police.
At court, the 27-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of bestiality, one count of persistent s*xual exploitation of a child and one aggravated count of indecent assault.
“The abuse you admitted to was gross and disturbing,” said Judge Paul Muscat at Adelaide district court.
The court heard he abused his step-daughter, aged between nine and 11 at the time off offending, in her sleep, and his biological daughter when she was aged three.
ABC News reports that he admitted to penetrative s*x acts with chickens and attempted penetrative s*x acts with the family dog.
The court heard the man suffered abuse growing up and was “aroused by the wrongfulness of his s*xual behaviour” after having s*xual contact with dogs as a child.
The judge gave the man credit for voluntarily disclosing his crimes, adding: “You appear determined and motivated to engage in treatment and address your abhorrent and abnormal s*xual behaviours, which is imperative in order to reduce your risk of further s*xual offending.”

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  1. this is Awful…. abuse can do a lot to a person…. even make a person perform such act…
    group i

  2. He is surely an addict and needs help…. GroupI

  3. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    This man is so strange
    Group A

  4. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is indeed terrible what an evil deed and folly in the society
    Group M

  5. Amene Chidera Doris

    This man deserves death penalty… What type of creature his he?? Nawaoo
    Team H

  6. its a pity that funny things are happening this days

  7. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    He needs deliverance . seriously ,someone should help him.

    Group F

  8. This is mad. He needs God’s intervention in his life.
    Group J


    The Power from the Man’s village people is mighty

    He should be taken to psycho-home


  10. Chaii!!!…the man is a mad man ,he does not have self respect.
    Group ..K

  11. Daughters?, animals? What the hell is wrong with this man, was he caused by his village people, he should go out and find many prostitute as he could.
    ( Group G)

  12. You need a therapist to help you out.

    Group E

  13. This is unbelievable!Really don’t know what this world is turning into.

    Team F.

  14. end time team l

  15. What is three years, I guess the forgot to add hundred after the 3….at least if he stays for long his brain will go back to default mode!!

  16. That man is demonic he needs deliverance.

    Group B

  17. Aguinam ojukwu faustina

    Its so strange and weird
    The man is shameless… What possibly is he gaining from sexually harassing his own flesh?
    Group M

  18. Gosh this is so embarrassing.. Having sex with animals.. that is bad tho

    Team H

  19. He should be sent to a correctional facility where he’d undergo rehabilitation before being released to the society. I respect his honesty.
    Group : E

  20. People of the world sef

  21. Nawa ooo

    This man no get joy ooo

    Group G

  22. WATS this world turning into. Even with chicken.
    Group G

  23. Crystal Chinelo Erokwu

    nawa ooh…he has a mental problem… what rubbish.
    Group D

  24. The only thing he needs at the moment is deliverance from God nothing else

  25. srange things every’s not just about disclosing his crime, but seeking for a solution.
    group H

  26. Law-obilero Chiemena

    God have mercy team d

  27. Nwangene blessing George

    Is the man posesed what nonsense.
    Group H

  28. What ! That man deserves to die
    Group G

  29. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    His village pipo is following him

  30. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    nawa ooo things are happening in this world!!

    group h

  31. then indeed this is the true meaning of sex addict….group (B)

  32. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    This is Serious This man no get joy ooo at all.
    Group K

  33. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    God forbid this man is a mad man.
    Group A

  34. Nwankwo chinaza blessing

    Abormination oo
    Group J

  35. So hard to believe

    What kind of man is this

    Group D

  36. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Imagine this man oo, even domestic animals? Team L

  37. this man is no longer a living human.. we now sacrifice him to the gods in achalla..

    Group D

  38. please oh…is the man a human being or a human beast. Animals too? group K

  39. Group K
    This is disturbing and gross….

  40. He need to be delivered, God help him
    Group A

  41. Are you sure that man is a human being…??
    Group F.

  42. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    He needs deliverance.
    Group A

  43. This is another rare condition. Am sure doctors are lookin for the perfect name to give it. Biko let me go and hide my fowl before this man reach my side.

    Team: A

  44. What a shame..he should face justice group j

  45. some cases like this may be termed Spiritual. so he better follow it spiritually.
    Group C

  46. u never can tell ,maybe he is sick
    group g

  47. sometimes I sit wondering the joy people get from having sexually intercourse with animals.. it’s so barbarous
    group c

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