Sheep Enrolled At School In France As Students To Save Classes

This might be the most bizarre story you will be getting in recent times.

A school in France went for a weird option to prevent classes from being shut down for lack of students. The school enrolled 15 sheep as students in a particular class.

A farmer in France took a unique idea to boost student numbers at a primary school, enrolling 15 sheep to save classes that were at risk of being cancelled.

Herder Michel Girerd, with the help of his dog, escorted 50 sheep in tow on Tuesday, 15 of which are now registered as students after showing their birth certifications, according to Sky News.

Among the new students at the Jules Ferry school include: Baa-bete, Dolly, and Saute-Mouton.

The school in Crêts en Belledonne, a village in the Alps, was told that one of its 11 classes would be closed after numbers fell from 266 to 261.

A group of parents were against the proposal to scale back the number of classes to 10, as it would mean the average number of students in each class would rise from 24 to 26, according to Sky News.

“National education is, unfortunately, only numbers,” Gaelle Laval, one of the parents behind the initiative, told Le Parisien newspaper. “And so now, with this surge in numbers, we are good.”

The mayor of the town, Jean-Louis Maret, supported the parent’s efforts in recognizing the sheep as students and hit at the government’s “annoying threshold logic” that prompted the threat of closure.

French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed that class be limited to 24 students as part of his education policy, according to France Bleu radio.

Source: Fox news

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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. Which kind talk be this one na? Sheep? School? Nothing person no go see for this world o

  2. Lol
    Sheep kee.I guess they have a lot to learn

  3. Nwabugwu Chiamaka

    really funny, animals replace humans impossible

  4. animals as pupils? this is really crazy

  5. Lol… This is really incredible. Of all animals is has to be sheep

  6. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is so amazing

  7. Ntoruka Maryjane

    this is so unbelievable. Ntoruka Maryjane

  8. Ezekwo Chinenye Josephine

    Very funny

  9. Ntoruka maryjane

    Ntoruka maryjane
    this is so unbelievable,soon it will be goat

  10. Nwangene Blessing George

    This is funny, they came to study

  11. Chiekwe Blessing .N.

    Are schools now meant for animals?

  12. This is very funny….I just wonder how the teachers will be teaching those sheep.

  13. Chinweuba Tobechi

    So someone sat down, thought about this and discovers its a good idea and executes it…This is unbelievable

  14. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    teachers teaching sheep…FUNNY

  15. na wa . terrible. what we are suffering in Nigerian from Hausa… now France?

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