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Sex Doll Maker Helps Grieving Men by Recreating Dead Wives Images

A sex doll maker has become popular for making her dolls look like dead partners of male customers.

The sex doll maker says most of her customers are buying them for ‘comfort’ rather than sex. Jade Stanley, 36, believes ‘loneliness’ is the driving force behind her ‘flourishing’ business, Sex Doll Official, which she only started last year above her tanning salon.

Jade Stanley, 36, with one of her basic models (Picture: Andrew Fox /

It began with a line of rental dolls – which come with removable vaginas and cost £345 a week – but it quickly expanded into a range of realistic sex dolls that look like famous male and female pornstars. Jade says she now customises dolls to look like dead partners as part of a special bereavement service.

She told ‘I customise requests for different eye colour, hair, body shape, tattoos and piercings. ‘Any kind of customisation you can think of I can do and I can replicate the look of somebody else.’

But Jade draws the line at creating replicas of living people, and tells her customers that they must get written permission from the person in question before she will consider it. The mum-of-four says its ‘absolutely fantastic’ that people find comfort with her dolls, but suggested their demand is a reflection of modern society. She said: ‘The problem these days is that social media has made people so isolated. Anxiety levels are also heightened. ‘You can understand why loneliness is such an issue in our society and why people would find comfort in a doll.’

She added: ‘If these dolls can bring comfort to somebody then I think that’s absolutely fantastic.’ Jade said one of the biggest things that has surprised her since setting up Sex Doll Official is that people don’t use the dolls just for ‘pornographic reasons’.


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  1. Ebulue Ruth oluchi

    The reason for the use of sex dolls can be likened to loneliness, if a woman always have her man beside her, there won’t be need for sex dolls. Men should make themselves available for their woman always.

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